Socially responsible investment.

CR KPI „Socially Responsible Investment".

In 2013, 19 percent of our shares were held by investors who take SRI criteria into account at least partially in their investment decisions (broad SRI). 2 percent of T-Shares were held by investors who give priority to SRI aspects when managing their funds (core SRI).

CR KPI „Socially Responsible Investment" Deutsche Telekom AG.

In percent.

Reporting against standards.
The KPI is relevant for criteria 1 (Strategic analysis, strategy and goals) and 7 (Rules and processes) of the German Sustainability Code.

Listing of the T-share.

Listing of the T-Share in sustainability indices/ratings.

Our commitment to sustainable development has received widespread acknowledgment. Various rating agencies give us high marks for sustainability. In addition to this, our shares are listed on many sustainability indexes, including the FTSE4Good  Index. The following table provides an overview of how successful we are in the leading ratings and indexes.

The T-Share was listed on the STOXX Global ESG  Leaders Index for the third year in succession. It was successfully added to the new UN Global Compact  100 index in 2013. This index lists business enterprises that head world ratings in human rights, labor conditions, environmental protection and compliance. During the reporting year we again improved our result in the SAM rating, which assesses sustainability management performance, compared with the previous year. This improvement was, however, not sufficient for re-admittance to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI), since requirements for entitlement have again been raised. In order to raise our SAM rating even further in 2014, we therefore plan to concentrate above all on the topics that offer the greatest improvement potential. In 2013, we gained a place on the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index for the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). This was the result of well above-average transparency in our climate-relevant activities. We were awarded 90 out of a possible total of 100 points for the data we submitted to the Climate Disclosure Project. This positions us among the best ten percent of companies in these regions.

Reporting against standards.
The information is relevant for criterion 1 (Strategic analysis, strategy and goals) of the German Sustainability Code.