With WLAN TO GO, Telekom customers share their unused Internet bandwidth. In return, they can access 12 million hotspots around the world, free of charge.


"WLAN TO GO allows Telekom's fixed-network customers to surf the Internet on the move via WLAN in Germany and, thanks to our cooperation with Fon, worldwide. WLAN TO GO customers can currently use the service at more than 40,000 HotSpots in Germany and as many as 12.6 million hotspots worldwide. The best thing is that the innovative community approach means the number of hotspots is increasing by the minute."

Dirk Backofen, Senior Vice President, Business Customers Marketing

Objective Give Telekom customers access to more than 12 million hotspots worldwide.
Implementation The WLAN TO GO principle: Telekom customers with an IP  line and a Speedport W724V share unused bandwidth from their Internet access with other users via a second WLAN as a HotSpot  and receive free access to more than 12.6 million WLAN hotspots worldwide. Telekom guarantees the necessary levels of data privacy and data security: the line owner's home network is protected and they cannot be held responsible for any misuse by third parties. The line owner continues to surf at high speed as their own traffic is prioritized. Telekom operates the WLAN TO GO service in cooperation with its partner Fon, which has already established a global WLAN network of over 12.6 million hotspots with the innovative community approach - a number that is increasing on a daily basis.

Each year, we identify topics that are fundamental to sustainable business development in consultation with our stakeholders (materiality process). WLAN TO GO is an example of how we implement them. The following diagram provides an overview of the key topics addressed in our networks section. Just click on the items in the diagram to learn more.