• More than 6,600 employees participate in 70 Social Days in Germany.
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  • 340,000 euros in donations collected for flood victims in summer 2013.
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  • More than 8,000 employees registered as potential bone marrow donors since 2010.
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  • One million euros in donations collected through heart image campaign.
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We are convinced that nowadays a company's economic success depends more than ever before on its environmental and social involvement. Customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders expect companies to face today's social challenges and to adjust their business model accordingly. Telekom considers itself part of society and therefore takes responsibility. First and foremost it is our employees with their involvement who breathe life into our commitment.

Management approach.

Our goal is to give as many people as possible access to the information and knowledge society – not only by providing the ICT infrastructure they need but also through the full spectrum of our community involvement. We consider ourselves to be an active member of society who can contribute to its well-being through a variety of measures. We conduct all of our activities in compliance with our CR strategy and the action areas specified therein.

Telekom's social commitment is based on two pillars:

  • Corporate volunteering (supporting our employees in their community volunteering activities) and corporate giving (our donation activities)
  • Long-term partnerships with non-profit organizations

All of our activities are managed in the context of our engagement@telekom program. We collaborate closely throughout the Group when it comes to our social involvement and share experiences and best practices across country borders.

The success of our social commitment activities is gauged using the Social Commitment CR KPI. The KPI evaluates the relationship between two parameters from our public opinion polls - the importance currently placed on the social involvement of companies and how Telekom's services are perceived in this area. We are planning to conduct a review of this CR KPI in 2014.

Corporate volunteering and corporate giving.
We are particularly active in supporting the volunteer activities of our employees. This benefits us as a company as well. It promotes identification with the company and has a positive impact on the social skills and team spirit of our employees. Our Social Days events are conducted with this aim in mind. Our employees volunteer for projects or environmental protection efforts on this day. We have also integrated corporate volunteering in our training and skills development program. We encourage our trainees to get involved in the community through activities such as our Responsibility wins! competition. We present an award to the most effective project each year. Employees can also apply for funding for their own initiatives or projects that they feel strongly about. Telekom provides up to EUR 250,000 in Germany each year to fund these projects and initiatives.

With our corporate giving we support the work of non-profit organizations worldwide and provide fast aid to people affected by natural disasters. We have been involved in the Germany's Relief Coalition, Deutschland Hilft for ten years now, for example. Our company's donation activities are regulated by our Donation Policy. The policy is implemented internationally and adjusted based on applicable national conditions such as tax law.

Partnerships with NGOs.
We actively engage in long-term collaboration with social organizations and initiatives to intensify the effectiveness of our efforts when it comes to disaster aid and other areas in which we are involved. We are active in long-standing partnerships with organizations such as the Nummer gegen Kummer youth counseling line, the TelefonSeelsorge crisis counseling helpline, the Lebenshilfe aid organization, the Deutschlandstiftung Integration foundation, the Yes, I can! initiative and DKMS, the German bone marrow donor center.

Corporate volunteering and corporate giving in Germany.

Telekom offers its employees many opportunities to get involved in different projects within the scope of the engagement@telekom program, which is being conducted throughout Germany. The table gives you some examples of the broad spectrum of initiatives we offer.

Occasion Some examples of our initiatives in 2013
Social Days   We hosted around 70 Social Days in Germany alone in 2013, in which more than 6,600 employees participated. At one event, 20 Telekom junior staff members hosted a campaign day at the Bonn Tafel food bank to teach children about healthful nutrition.
The Responsibility wins! competition at Telekom   We encourage and reward the efforts of our trainees in our annual internal Responsibility wins! competition. We hosted the competition for the fifth time in a row in 2013. It was a great success. A team comprised of members from different regions, which created student workshops on issues such as integration, social networks, Internet addiction and cyber bullying came in first place.
Flooding in 2013   Telekom donated to the victims of the flooding that occurred in summer 2013 and asked its employees in Germany to do the same. We raised a total of 340,000 euros. Employees also had the chance to volunteer and help set up flood barriers.
“Heart images” campaign   Within the scope of a fundraiser, Telekom asked its employees to design hearts, take pictures of them and submit them at www.telekom.com/herz. Telekom donated 5 euros to the “Ein Herz für Kinder” initiative run by the BILD hilft e.V. organization for each picture submitted. At a fundraiser gala event, Thomas Kremer, Member of the Board of Management for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance, handed over a check for more than one million euros.
9th Community Volunteering Week   Shared corporate involvement and citizen participation were the main focal points of the 9th Community Volunteering Week held from September 10 - 21, 2013. Based on the motto Be strong, get involved!, residents, associations, foundations and companies hosted hundreds of community volunteering campaigns. In a combined effort, Telekom employees and Cologne city administration employees showed more than 20 residents of facilities run by Lebenshilfe Bonn how to use mobile devices.
Donations in the scope of the customer service Health Award   The goal of the 2013 Health Award, which is presented by customer service, was to improve people’s health while getting involved in community projects. Around 1,500 customer service employees participated in the internal Telekom team event, which was hosted for the second time. Employees volunteered to participate in small groups in a health project from October to December 2013 that they documented in a journal. A jury then evaluated the projects. The three winners took home a surprise event for the team and prizes of between 300 and 1,000 euros, which they could donate to a community project of their choice. The employees decided to give their prize money to the Dortmund-based association “Essen und Lernen in St. Antonius,” the Leipzig-based association “Eltern ans Netz e.V.” and to the Longenburgschule school near Bonn.
Employee donations   As in previous years, our employees organized several donation drives this year as well. For example, Telekom employees in Kempten donated 3,000 euros to the Tom-Mutters-Schule school for children with mental disabilities. In Aachen, Telekom employees gave Christmas presents to children and teenagers at the Maria im Tann children’s home. Telekom employees from Magdeburg donated two computers worth 600 euros to the day-care center run by the Order of Saint John. The day-care center had been damaged by the Elbe river floods.
Corporate volunteering – exemplary activities throughout the Group.

Our national companies also encourage their employees to volunteer (corporate volunteering) and get their employees involved in numerous projects.

Corporate volunteering highlights.
The “Build a dream“ project from AMC, Telekom’s Albanian subsidiary, runs for the third time in 2013 and combines corporate volunteering with team building. In the year under review 40 employees took part in three groups, with each one given the specific task of improving the living conditions in an orphanage, a school for pupils with special needs and an old people’s home respectively during the three-month project. Nine of AMC’s business partners joined the project, thus demonstrating their joint responsibility towards society.

The T-Systems Fund program in Slovakia supports small-scale self-help projects of NGOs that were initiated by T-Systems employees. The aim here is to create opportunities for employees to implement their creative and innovative ideas while contributing to the development of communities in Eastern Slovakia through educational activities, environmental protection and the development of leisure activities. The project ‘Fun workout – joyful and healthy‘ for example will maintain the terraces of a kindergarten and use them for various exercise activities afterwards. ‘We connect – We create community’ is a project that aims to integrate small neighborhood families into community life. The money will be used to perform various activities for people living near to the T-Systems Slovakia Headquarter. Employees raised more than €680 during the internal events in December 2013. In total, T-Systems Slovakia will support 9 projects by the financial support of €7 430 during 2013/14.

Further corporate volunteering – exemplary activities throughout the Group.

Telekom subsidiary
 Corporate volunteering – exemplary activities throughout the Group.
  Divjaka beach cleaning – a success story.
At the start of the tourist season, over 100 AMC employees participated in the action of cleaning the Divjaka beach. In cooperation with local authorities they cleaned during a whole day a considerable area of the coastline, giving an example of responsibility towards the environment.
Czech Republic
(T-Systems Czech Republic)
  Saturday session.
In June 2013 T-Systems Czech Republic organized a Saturday Session as part of the company’s “Connect the Unconnected” program and directly involved ten employee volunteers, 250 step-parents and 60 children from socially deprived backgrounds. The events included tree planting, a children’s competition and a workshop on “Secure Internet for Children”.
(OTE & Cosmote)
  Giving is the best medicine.
More than 6,000 medicines and 2,000 medical supplies were donated by more than a thousand OTE and Cosmote employees, in OTE-Cosmote premises in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion-Crete. The medicines and medical supplies were delivered to Greek medical organizations involved in the action according to the documented needs.

On World Environment Day in June 2013 2,000 employees and their families throughout Greece were engaged in corporate volunteering activities such as planting trees, cleaning shores, lakes and forests or collecting waste..
Hungary (Magyar Telekom)   Volunteering activities.
In course of the year, 662 colleagues did 5,204 hours of volunteer work, which theoretically meant that €99,054 was donated to society. Employees participated in activities such as charity team buildings, Mobile School educations and internet training courses in communities as part of the Digital Bridge Program.
Romania (Cosmote)   Adopt a Forest.
Cosmote Romania continued its planting project Adopt a Forest launched in 2009. In 2013, 76 volunteers planted near Ploiesti 7,000 trees. 2,436 of them were planted to match the number of mobile phones and accessories collected via the “I Love Recycling” program in 2013.
  Forest Cross Dolce Sport & Poroschia planting action.
In a project that addressed sports, the environment and volunteering Romtelecom organized a forest run and a fundraising event to plant trees in deforested areas of Romania. Romtelecom employees and volunteers from the Viitor Plus Association planted a total of 2,000 saplings.
Slovakia (Slovak Telekom)   Volunteering activities.
In 2013 Slovak Telekom 40 volunteers planted 600 news trees in the High Tatras, a mountainous region where the company has been helping since the devastating storms in 2004. In the last three years alone employees have planted 1,600 trees and cleaned dozens of kilometers of mountain paths.
Slovakia (T-Systems)     Volunteering activities.
From June to October 2013 more than 100 T-Systems Slovakia employees (including members of the Board of Management) participated in volunteering activities such as work in a national nature reserve, an ecological center or reconstruction work for several charitable organizations.
  Huddle Up corporate volunteering program.
During the national community outreach program T-Mobile Huddle Up in 2013, 15 events were held at after-school facilities throughout the country, where more than 1,700 employees did reconstruction work.
Corporate giving all over Europe.

Telekom makes corporate donations (corporate giving) worldwide to support non-profit organizations, to recognize our employees' volunteer efforts and to provide fast aid to the victims of disaster.

Donating money and goods to various groups in need.

  • As part of Cosmote's campaign "Custom of Love" and OTE's "Christmas Campaign" the companies donated €550,000 in March 2013 to 22 NGOs that support children in Greece.
  • During the annual grant program known as "We help the Community" Slovak Telekom employees could propose an NGO they would like to receive funding for. In all, employees gave grants totaling of €90,000 in 2013 for community projects and for the restoration of historic sites.
  • For the eighth consecutive year, Hrvatski Telekom in Croatia ran its humanitarian competition "Together we are stronger" and also donated some €71,000 to nine socially responsible projects in September 2013. After pre-selection by an expert jury and a vote by Telekom employees, the public had, for the first time, a chance to vote for its favorite project from a total of 18 projects chosen in line with the Group's CR categories of "Connected life and work ", "Connect the unconnected" and "Low carbon society".
  • In 2013 Hungary's Magyar Telekom again supported a couple of social projects through its donation line Telekom hello holnap through which more than 50,000 people donated a total of €21,000.
  • After T-Mobile in the Czech Republic called for grant applications for the new T-Mobile fund "Let's talk to each other", a total of 34 projects focusing on community, environmental or cultural issues were supported to the tune of €106,115. Grants were awarded, for example, to the "Like at home" association (for homeless cooks) and to "Brneni" with the environmental project "Breath Brno", which focuses primarily on environmental and public health education.
  • 48 T-Mobile Poland volunteers fulfilled the dreams of 23 of incurably ill children. The funding for this project came from the T-Mobile "Around the World" sports campaign for company employees, through which more than €19,000 was raised.
  • Also 300T-Mobile customers in the Czech Republic supported the Dobry andel (Good Angel) Foundation by activating regular contributions via text messages. The amount is deducted on a monthly basis along with the invoice for T-Mobile services. In 2013 customers donated a total of € 6, 000 to the foundation, which helps families facing financial distress as a result of serious illness.
  • Crnogorski Telekom donated TV sets and a one-year subscription to Extra TV packages to 15 public preschool facilities in 14 Montenegrin municipalities. Moreover Crnogorski Telecom supported "Get Involved", the first state-run electronics competition for high school students in May 2013. To stimulate knowledge and expertise for high school students, the company donated mobile phones to the competition winners. The company awarded the best three teams (each team had three to four participants) and the competition consisted of two segments: the theoretical part and the practical development of electronic circuits.
  • In 2013 T-Systems Mexico ran a program to recycle cell phones, plastic and cardboard with the aim of not only promoting recycling within the company and but also supporting institutions that help children suffering from kidney diseases and cancer. The money collected from the recycling program in 2013 was donated to the organization Nueva Esperanza and Hospital del Niño Poblano. In addition, the money collected from the vending machines that the company has in its buildings was also donated to these causes. The total donated in 2013 amounted to €4,961 and helped in the treatment of 229 children suffering from cancer.
  • AMC, OTE Group's Albanian subsidiary, donated an echocardiograph machine to the Pediatric Hospital in Tirana in May 2013. 3,000 patients a year use the machine, which was financed by the income generated from New Year's Eve SMS  traffic during the SMS  of Love project.
  • Crnogorski Telekom gave €5,000 to a hospital in Montenegro in October 2013 to purchase a mammography unit.
  • T-Systems Iberia employees donated a total of 912 kg of food in May 2013 while Crnogorski Telekom supported the Montenegrin Food Bank initiative "They need our help" by donating 500kg of food to families in need.

Christmas charity activites.

  • T-Mobile Poland, Telekom's Polish subsidiary, sent a Dream Card for Christmas to business partners and employees in December 2013. Each card recipient had the opportunity of choosing a child's dream, with the sum then donated to the "Make a Wish" Foundation that fulfills the dreams of incurably ill children. A total of €22,150 was donated.
  • Instead of sending Christmas presents to business partners during the reporting period, T-Mobile Austria supported the activities of the self-help organization, DEBRA Austria – Help for Butterfly Children. A mobile T-Mobile punch stand also toured Austria during the Christmas season to raise donations for the butterfly children. "Butterfly children" are children whose skin is as sensitive as the wings of a butterfly because of a serious illness. Even the slightest friction can cause their skin to break out in painful blisters or tear open completely.

Walks and runs for charity.

  • T-Mobile Poland, launched the challenge "Help Measured in Kilometres" to track the number of kilometers that Poles run, ride, roller-skate or walk collectively. Disabled people on wheelchairs and hand bikes were also invited to take part. To join in Poles simply had to install an Endomondo app and switch it on every time they started some physical activity. By the end of the campaign, more than 250,000 participants had travelled over 40 million kilometers and T-Mobile Poland donated €230,000 to disabled children through the You Are Not Alone Foundation.
  • Montenegrin Crnogorski Telekom issued a public call to its customers to join a traditional walk organized in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Montenegro. 200 people participated in the walk.
  • Magyar Telekom's thematic donations program in Hungary was involved in the 28th Telekom Vivicittá ProCity Run in Budapest in April 2013. Magyar Telekom offered Budapest schools that joined the Vivicitta run the opportunity to establish community gardens, where children could learn about self-sustained lifestyles and the concept of sustainability.
Collaboration with cooperation partners in Germany.
Living partnerships - internationally.

Engagement for the hearing-impaired in Slovakia
Together with the Pontis Foundation, which has long been devoted to helping the hearing-impaired through a variety of programs, Slovak Telekom continued to support a two-year applied economics program at a secondary school for hearing-impaired children. Here they learn through experience how to open up a business and some basic economics.

During the International Week of the Hearing-Impaired from 23-29 September 2013, Slovak Telekom organized various dedicated activities. They included a new campaign inspired by the silent films of the early 20th century and featuring hearing-impaired actors from the Silent Sparks theater. The aim was to show that hearing-impaired people who could have been stars a century ago are now stars with Telekom. As was the case the year before, the "ILY" (I love you) sign was incorporated into the campaign and is also present at every Telekom Center where a staff member speaks basic sign language.

On 24 September 2013 Slovak Telekom and the Pontis Foundation organized an Open Day at the Hearing-Impaired School, which included classes to demonstrate to the public the skills of hearing-impaired people in hairdressing, gardening, flower making, cover and pillows making, graphic design. The Open Day also presented the drum skills of hearing-impaired children from a music therapy class supported by Slovak Telekom, hearing-impaired students dancing and putting on a short play, and an opportunity for the public to learn sign language. Mobile teachers were present to talk with families.

Another measure organized with the Pontis Foundation under the auspices of the Endowment Fund Telekom was the ongoing support for the Halfway House (Veľký Slavkov), a sheltered house for young men from orphanages who would otherwise have nowhere to go once they turn 18. At Halfway House they can learn how to work and start their own life. In 2013 Slovak Telekom helped them open up their own farm, which also gives disabled boys the chance to work.

UNICEF and Foundation T–Mobile launched the campaign "The first five are the most important".
In November 2013 the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Foundation T-Mobile for Macedonia launched a 12-month campaign entitled "The first five are the most important". The aim of the campaign is to promote the importance of early childhood development and mobilize support for opening new early childhood development centers. This campaign wants to raise awareness about the importance of nurturing and responsive caregiving in a safe and stimulating environment during the first five years of life. After all, universal access to opportunities for healthy physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development is so vital in those years. In order to close the gap between urban and rural areas where kindergartens are underrepresented, new early childhood development centers are being built in communities that need them most. An initial cash donation from the Foundation T-Mobile for Macedonia of US$50,000 is being used to build eight centers, which will be completed in 2014.

International blood donation program.
A number of blood drives were once again held at our national companies in 2013.

  • T-Mobile & T-Systems Austria: 235 employees
  • T-Systems Austria: 180 employees
  • T-Systems Czech Republic: 8 employees
  • Magyar Telekom: 1474 employees
  • Makedonski Telekom: 160 employees
  • Crnogorski Telekom: about 50 employees
  • Romtelecom: about 90 employees
  • T-Systems Slovakia: 73 employees
  • T-Systems Iberia: 222 employees
  • Telekom Deutschland: 630 employees
  • T-Mobile USA: 482 employees
Disaster aid.

In 2013, in the tenth year of its cooperation with Germany's Relief Coalition, Deutschland Hilft, Deutsche Telekom initiated two donation drives for specific disasters.

We collected donations of more than 340,000 euros for victims of the flooding in Germany and neighboring countries. Days of rain caused the rivers to overflow their banks in early June. Thousands of people had to be evacuated. Telekom initially donated 50,000 euros as immediate aid to help those affected as quickly as possible. The rest of the donations were collected in the context of a donation drive in which Telekom matched employee donations. We also provided replacement mobile technology to help connect aid workers and those affected by the flooding. That enabled aid workers to coordinate their activities via mobile and fixed-line communications. We also set up temporary sales outlets to provide people affected by the floods with replacement cell phones. Employees from Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary volunteered to help fill the sandbags. Telekom gave time off to more than 2,900 employees to provide aid to flood victims on site.

Telekom also aided the victims of typhoon Hayian in the Philippines with an immediate donation followed by a donation drive. We collected 150,000 euros in donations.

Disaster aid on a large scale worldwide.

Heavy rainfall caused extensive flooding in central Europe in June 2013. Countless employees from our national companies in affected regions volunteered to help flood victims.

  • T-Mobile Austria supported victims of the 2013 floods with appeals for donations. The company called upon people via its website, Facebook page and the intranet to donate to the Austrian Red Cross and help those affected.
  • In Hungary around 100 Magyar Telekom employees joined in the flood defense work in Budapest and the surrounding region while the company supported the national phone-in to collect donations for the flood victims.
  • 200 T-Mobile Czech Republic employees volunteered to help deal with the damage caused by floodwater in many areas of the country. In addition, the company gave financial support, mobile phones with free tariffs and tablets with a free internet link-up to customers affected by the floods and organizers of the volunteer work.
  • 17 T-Systems Czech Republic volunteers helped clear up Prague Zoo after the floods and computer equipment with a value of €4,000 was donated to NGO partners affected by the floods.

The devastation caused by the typhoon on the Philippines triggered off a massive response among Telekom subsidiaries.

  • T-Mobile Poland sent an intranet message to all of its ca. 5,000 employees calling for help. Besides, each of the employees was given the chance to donate money to the Polish UNICEF organization to support relief work in the Philippines.
  • In November 2013, T-Mobile USA helped T-Mobile customers to reach and stay in touch with their family and friends in the Philippines. All T-Mobile calls and SMS  messages to and within the Philippines were free from 8-30 November. This also included roaming for customers who may have been in Philippines.
  • T-Mobile Austria helped the Volkshilfe Österreich aid organization collect donations for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the scope of a long-term partnership. Calls for donations to help victims in the Philippines were launched on the company homepage and via the company's social media channels on Facebook and Twitter, which currently have around 86,500 followers.