CR program.

In its CR program, Telekom specifies mandatory targets to be implemented throughout the Group in the relevant processes of its core business.

In this program we define specific measures and a timeline for implementation. We also provide information on the implementation status in the CR program. Detailed information on the CR key performance indicators, which we use to quantify our performance in each area, is provided in the CR Report.

Highlights in the reporting period:

  • Corporate Responsibility Policy approved by Group Board of Management
  • Share of green investors in freely tradable shares increased from 14 percent to 20 percent in 2013
  • Percentage of women in managerial positions throughout the Group increased from 19 percent (February 2010) to 25 percent (December 2013)
  • Group-wide reduction in CO2 emissions by 20 percent compared to 2008 approved by Group Board of Management as the Group’s climate protection target
  • Binding CR clause part of the General Terms and Conditions for Purchasing since June 2013
  • Deutsche Telekom is the first network operator in Germany to deploy the secure A5/3 encryption standard for protection against eavesdropping in the GSM network
  • Yes I can! initiative distinguished by UNESCO  in 2013 as a UN Decade measure for the first time
CR-Programm 2013.