Apect: Energy

Total energy consumption

Energy consumption at Deutsche Telekom primarily pertains to the consumption of electricity, district heating, fossil fuels and fuel for our vehicle fleet. The amount of energy sold by Deutsche Telekom is not significant and generally not included in our energy and fuel consumption values.

Aspect: Emissions

Aspect: Effluents and Waste

Waste volume

Deutsche Telekom addresses the majority of the waste produced by our business activities within our Group-wide waste management framework (copper recycling) and with our Used Cell-Phone Collection ESG  KPI  (cell phones that have been collected and recycled). Any additional data collection regarding disposal methods would be complex and the amount of time and work involved could not be reasonably justified based on the benefit this type of data collection would bring.

Aspect: Products and services

Aspect: Compliance

Aspect: Transport

Aspect: Supplier environmental assessment

We do not currently have information regarding the percentage of new suppliers that have been evaluated based on sustainability criteria (e.g., though voluntary information, the EcoVadis platform or social audits). This information will be available once the supplier portal has been introduced throughout the Group. Rollout is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016. The general requirement for any supplier relationship is passing a pre-qualification process, which includes 16 questions regarding sustainability.

2014 audit results

Improvement measures regarding working conditions, human rights or environmental protection were implemented at the facilities of at least 34 out of 45 audited suppliers.