Statement by the Chairman of the Board of Management

Timotheus Höttges, Chairman of the Board of Management, Bonn, Germany
Timotheus Höttges, Chairman of the Board of Management, Bonn, Germany.

Dear Readers,

2014 was a successful year for Deutsche Telekom. We invested, expanded and continued to improve the high quality of our networks. Our positive sales results are proof that Deutsche Telekom is on the best road to achieving its goal of becoming Europe's leading telecommunications provider. With this goal in mind, we rely on innovation and responsibility for sustainable development.

Our services connect people and enable everyone to get involved in the information and knowledge society. For this reason we continue to intensify our investment in the build-out of our network infrastructure. We also give people the tools they need to use our services safely and securely by offering extensive educational programs. Our "Yes, I can!" initiative helps children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds learn personal skills and boost their confidence.

However, it is also important that we gain and retain our customers' trust. We have been in compliance with the highest data privacy standards for years. Our ten-point program has helped us specify these standards further to guarantee even better online security.

As a responsible company, we are also committed to helping find solutions to challenges in society. We develop pioneering solutions that help ensure universal healthcare and shape an energy-efficient society. By outsourcing their IT to our highly efficient data centers, for example, companies can reduce their energy consumption significantly.

We are committed to sustainability throughout our entire value chain. We have made considerable progress in managing our climate protection measures by including the indirect CO₂ emissions produced by our customers and suppliers. High environmental and social standards have priority in our supply chain and we review these extensively. We value long-term procurement relationships and work with our suppliers as partners to help them develop further.

After all, social responsibility is also a question of principles. With this in mind, I would once again like to underline our commitment to the principles of the United Nation's Global Compact  and the German Sustainability Code. I would also like to invite you to read this report and learn more about how we put our commitment into practice.


Tim Höttges