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You can find all the videos from our CR reports over the past few years arranged according to section topic here.

Complex social questions call for clear, strategic answers
How does Telekom manage to ensure profitability, assume responsibility for society and the environment and meet the different expectations of its stakeholders all at the same time?
DataCenter 2020
Animation from our CR App  “We care”
ICT  networks need to promote a sense of community
How are we going to manage the transition over to the new digital age? What is Telekom's contribution?
How smart grids work   Video: Samrt Grid
E-Health   Video: E-Health
People who use communications technology have a right to know that their information is safe
How does Telekom make sure that information is not abused? And how does it manage this information and make sure that it is handled responsibly?
Deutsche Telekom Foundation   Videoteaser Corporate video Dt. Telekom Stiftung (engl.)
Sustainable employers support their employees throughout every life phase
How is Telekom responding to the demographic shift? What is it doing today to prepare for the work environment of tomorrow?
Risks in the supply chain call for intelligent, collaborative solutions.
Where does Telekom's responsibility for a sustainable supply chain begin, and where are its limitations? Is it Telekom's responsibility to denounce suppliers that do not engage in sustainable practices?
SMARTer 2020
The role of infomation and communication technology as a driver of sustainability
  Video: SMARTer 2020
Climate Change
Animation from our CR App  “We care”
  Video: Klimawandel
Climate protection calls for fundamental rethinking of approaches in the worlds of business and society.
We think that we already know how to fight climate change. Are we right or do we need a much broader vision? What is Telekom's vision? What measurable contribution is Telekom making to the fight against climate change?