Connected in the digital world

Access to the digital world primarily depends on having access to technology. By providing technical infrastructure and special rates, e.g., for disabled people, Deutsche Telekom helps create equal opportunities.

During the reporting period, we extended our offer of free Internet access within our Telekom@School initiative. We now offer schools the opportunity to upgrade all of their existing connections to up to 16 Mbits wherever technically feasible. The goal is to make it possible to use digital media in class, so that teachers and students can take advantage of the opportunities and perspectives offered by new technology.

Since 2000 Deutsche Telekom has been providing all 34,000 general and vocational schools throughout Germany with Internet access free of charge as part of its Telekom@School initiative. 30,000 of these schools have DSL  broadband connections. Depending on availability, schools can order a Telekom@School connection at VDSL  speeds.

In January 2014, the e-Macedonia foundation and the Open the Windows charity organization launched a six-month project, Computer – A Window to the World, to help give children and people with disabilities the opportunity for equal participation in the information society. The goal was to enable as many disabled people as possible to use computers and online services. People with disabilities are often unable to use standard computer technology, which excludes them from geting involved successfully in all areas of life. For that reason, the first step was to purchase supporting technology. The e-Macedonia foundation donated 14,000 euros for this purpose.

In the scope of the "hello holnap!" initiative, customers with disabilities are offered subsidized rates and usage options in line with their particular circumstances. People with hearing or sight impairments, for example, can choose between different volume levels, font sizes and data packages. The plans were developed in collaboration with experts from different NGOs. Participants included the Hungarian Association for the Deaf and Hearing-Impaired (SINOSZ), the Hungarian Disabled Association (MEOSZ), the Hungarian Association for the Blind and Sight-Impaired (MVGYOSZ), the Hungarian Association for People with Mental Disabilities (ÉFOÉSZ) and the Hungarian Autism Association (AOSZ).

So far 600 customers have taken advantage of the following plans: 

  • hello holnap! voice and data (including 100 hours of free phone calls in the Magyar Telekom network and 1 GB data)
  • hello holnap! SMS  and data (including 1,000  SMS  and 1 GB data)

Prepaid  plans featuring discounts are offered as well. So far 2,200 customers have taken advantage of these offers.

The complete offer package was presented at Equal Opportunity Day on May 5, 2014, at a round table of representatives from government and media as well as people with disabilities.