Putting a shared CR strategy into practice is particularly challenging for an international corporation and requires a coordinated, collaborative approach at all Group units. To help this process along, we established CR managers at various Group entities who have the necessary skills and resources to support us in realizing our key CR targets worldwide. CR manager meetings and web conferences are held regularly. We focus on three action areas in our CR strategy internationalization efforts. Most of the 28 national companies represented in our CR Manager Network have already embraced these action areas and included them in their local CR strategy.

The CR Manager Network provides a forum for its members to cooperate internationally and to discuss and approve the Group's CR activities at regular conferences and conference calls. The 13th and 14th CR manager meetings were held in Bonn on May 5 and 6 and November 13 and 14, 2014.

The focal point of the spring meeting was how specific CR activities can contribute to the success of our business. At workshops on energy, waste and recycling, the supply chain, and the protection of young people from unsuitable media content, participants assessed the respective contributions these activities can make. Participants also discussed national CR strategies and best practice cases at the international subsidiaries, for example, in areas such as corporate volunteering.

The November meeting focused on Opportunities and Risks of Sustainability at a panel discussion and in various workshops. Dr. Robert Pojasek from the Harvard Extension School talked about risk management and sustainability. At the workshops that followed, participants discussed how to turn risks into opportunities.