Data privacy

Millions of customers entrust Deutsche Telekom with their data. In order to live up to this responsibility, we place the highest priority on protecting our customers' personal information. Deutsche Telekom's activities in the areas of data privacy and data security set the standard for numerous companies. That is why more and more companies are asking us to share our experiences and information on this topic. We plan to expand our role as an in-demand expert and solutions provider for data privacy and data security.

Making our data privacy measures transparent to the public is a principle of utmost importance for us. We are the first DAX-30 company to publish an annual data privacy report, which documents all relevant processes at the Group. We have been publishing an integrated report on data privacy and data security since 2011.

Download  the 2014 Data Privacy and Data Security Report

In addition to publishing this annual report, we provide information on all internal incidents involving data theft and abuse that have been reported to investigating authorities at The website also features our latest measures to improve data privacy as well as tips for keeping personal information safe.

Deutsche Telekom strictly enforces compliance with the regulations concerning the secrecy of telecommunications within its area of responsibility and makes sure that data privacy is guaranteed. Wherever the authorities encroach upon these basic rights with requests for interception activities and data, we make sure that they are processed strictly in accordance with the law. Without exception, Deutsche Telekom only takes action when the necessary legal preconditions are met. Deutsche Telekom has been publishing its annual case figures since 2014 to ensure greater transparency. We published our first transparency report during the reporting period. This report indicates the number of telephone lines intercepted by order of the authorities during the 2013 review period. It also contains information on the number of traffic data records, subscriber data, and IP  addresses provided to the authorities.