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2015 Corporate Responsibility Report
Life is for sharing
  1. Our Cyber Defense Center records more than 1 million cyber attacks on our networks every day. That‘s 11 attacks per second.
  2. 6,000 kilometers - that's the distance from Austria to Afghanistan. Tamim can get in touch with his family at any time thanks to our services.
  3. According to the SMARTer2030 study, ICT solutions will be able to reduce water consumption in agriculture by 251,041 billion liters in 2030, or an average of 7,960,457 liters per second. That's roughly three Olympic swimming pools measuring 50 x 25 x 2 meters = 2,500 cubic meters.
  4. We are planning to provide roughly 80 percent of all households in Germany with VDSL vectoring lines featuring a bandwidth of at least 50 Mbit/s by 2018. This is subject to regulatory changes.
  5. We recovered a total of 5,800 metric tons of copper cable in 2015. The cable is processed in accordance with environmental standards at certified waste disposal facilities.
  6. Employees submitted 13,728 suggestions for improvement via the genial@telekom ideas platform in 2015. The savings generated by these improvements came to 146.5 million euros.
  7. Since it was launched six years ago, we have sponsored our "Yes, I can!" initiative with a total volume of 5 million euros. This has made it possible to reach over 75,000 children and young people.
  8. Our stakeholder survey can be accessed at any time at www.cr-bericht.telekom.com/stakeholder-umfrage
  9. Since we launched our supplier development program in 2014 we have been able to reduce CO2 emissions at one of the participants including its sub-suppliers by 169,000 metric tons by the end of 2015.