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  • 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report
2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Data security and protection

Here is a selection of material topics from the 2016 CR-Report. More information can be found in the chapters Strategy & management and Customers & products.

Protecting personal data

Almost one-third of all Germans are concerned about the misuse of data and insufficient data security. These were the findings of the 2016 Security Report that we commissioned from the Allensbach Institute. Deutsche Telekom is by far the most trusted company in the ICT img industry when it comes to handling personal data. And we are proud of it, because protecting our customers' data is one of our top priorities.

We document our wide range of data protection activities in our Data Privacy and Data Security Report. The following are just a few examples of our activities during the reporting period.

A simple data privacy statement for everyone
Non-specialists often have a hard time understanding data privacy statements. Our one-pager provides our customers with an easy-to-read overview of data privacy at our company. It contains simple, condensed information on the basics behind our data processing activities. It does not replace our formal data privacy statement, to which we link in the document and which complies with legal requirements. Instead, it provides users with transparent information on how and to what extent we process and use personal data. With this one pager, we have followed an initiative launched by the National IT Summit, supported by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.

Mobile Protect Pro
According to the 2016 Security Report, half of those surveyed consider an attack on their smartphone to be unlikely. But the number of attacks on mobile devices is increasing and these attacks can do just as much damage as an attack on your PC at home. With the Mobile Protect Pro application, we have been offering our business customers end-to-end protection for mobile devices since 2016. The app continuously checks the device for possible threats, similar to a non-stop ECG. It also provides protection for wireless connections like Wi-Fi.

Encrypted e-mails for everyone
Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (Fraunhofer SIT), we launched Volksverschlüsselung in mid-June 2016. It is a simple, free way to encrypt emails. We operate the solution at a high-security data center. The goal is to make state-of-the-art encryption methods accessible to everyone. The keys are generated on the user's device. The user is the only person with access to them; they are not sent to the infrastructure operator. To use the encryption, users only need to install the software and identify themselves as part of a simple one-time process. In the first step, users are identified via the established Deutsche Telekom registration processes or with the aid of an electronic ID card. Other processes for secure identification are planned at a later stage.

The online Deutsche Telekom security guide

Information on cyber criminals, malware and phishing is distributed over thousands of websites on the Net. The website brings this information together, providing users with easy access to security issues. Young people, adults and businesses can find useful information and specific tips concerning security and data protection.

The "Confidential" issue of our We Care app talks about how dangerous hacker attacks can be and how users can protect themselves.