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  • 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report
2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Service quality

Here is a selection of material topics from the 2016 CR-Report. More information can be found in the chapter Customers & products.

Best customer experience with "C1 - customers first"

The "C1 – customers first" program plays an important part in implementing our Guiding Principle "Customer delight and simplicity drive our action." The program ran from 2012 to 2016 and was designed to increase customer satisfaction, reinforce customer loyalty to Deutsche Telekom, create positive customer experiences, and spark enthusiasm. We implemented the following measures in 2016:

Personalized service

  • Fixed-line customers switching to Deutsche Telekom from another provider have benefited from a personal advisor for their switch since May 2016. The advisor is available to the customer during the transition period. The service was tested in advance through a pilot project and received a very positive evaluation from customers.
  • With the program "Mobile communications complaints 2.0," we introduced a new concept for processing complex complaints from mobile communications consumers in 2016. Our goal is to process these complaints in a quicker and more targeted manner.
  • With our new personal call-back service, the customer is connected once again with the same customer care agent they spoke to previously. This means the customer does not need to explain their concern a second time. Under the service, we send a text message offering a call back from a customer care agent. This service can be used within 48 hours after the initial contact.

Anticipatory service

  • For network and service disruptions planned to last at least five hours, we inform our customers early on via text message or e-mail.
  • Especially in the summer months, there are occasional weather-related disruptions caused by lightning strikes. In regions with storms, we warn customers of the storm in advance via text message. In it, we give tips for how they can protect their electronic devices. Furthermore, we explain what they can do themselves if they experience problems after the storm. As soon as possible after a lightning strike, our Technical Service assigns the regional field staff so that they can repair the faults quickly and give affected customers concrete instructions for what to do.

Successful customer program: C1 takes stock
The C1 program was ended successfully at the end of 2016 after five years. Since the start of the program, our customers' willingness to recommend us has seen a positive development, with a total index process tracking of 7.36 points in 2016 in comparison to 7.16 points in 2012. Key factors in the positive development were, first and foremost, programs like the welcome sent after a move, the personal switch advisor, and the continual improvement and automation of internal processes. We were able to achieve a slight improvement of 0.01 points in comparison to the previous year.

Furthermore, we consistently increased our TRI*M img index values measured for customer loyalty. Consumer loyalty in 2016 reached a record 59 points (up from 52 points in 2012). We also achieved the best result to date for the overall TRI*M index for Germany of 60 points in 2016. This is an increase of 4 points in comparison to the annual value from 2012 (56).

Ongoing measures in our C1 program will be transferred to existing service structures or other projects in 2017.

Awards for our service

TÜV Rheinland: rating of "good" for Telekom Service
In 2016, TÜV Rheinland once again investigated how satisfied our customers are with our service. During the study, a representative random sample of 2,550 customers from Germany were asked how satisfied they were with our service hotline, Telekom shops, and our Technical Service. We received the TÜV seal for the fourth time in a row with an overall rating of "good" based on their positive feedback.

Deutschland TEST 2016: best online service
Deutsche Telekom has the best online customer service in Germany. That was the finding of a study by "Deutschland Test" (a brand of the magazine Focus Money) and "Statista." The study evaluated the online customer service of 40 companies from the telecommunications, insurance, banking, and transportation industries. Service chats and communities were evaluated in the assessment, as was the quality of dialog through social networks like Facebook and Twitter img.
Deutschland TEST 2016: „Service-König“
Deutschland Test investigated customer service quality across Germany in 34 different industries for the second time. Deutsche Telekom is the winner in the Telecommunications category. Customers in the 40 largest German cities were surveyed for the test. This means a total of over 300,000 votes were recorded and evaluated.
CHIP hotline test 2017
In collaboration with Statista, one of the largest market research companies, CHIP completed a major hotline test in 2017. Over a period of 8 weeks, they tested the service hotlines of a total of 150 companies from 12 industries with over 9,000 test calls, then summarized their findings in rankings. The testing focused particularly on the topics of customer service, wait time, availability, and transparency.
Deutsche Telekom was rated as "excellent" overall for its mobile communications hotline, and was the test winner in the Customer Service category. The fixed-network hotline was also rated as "excellent" in the overall assessment.


"Double flat rates" reviewed by Focus Money

The comparison site completed a comprehensive test in April 2016 for FOCUSMONEY to investigate the price-performance ratio of double flat rates for fixed-line telephony and Internet service from a total of ten telecommunications and cable providers. The providers' price, service, and rate conditions were reviewed.

According to the study, customers received the "best service" from Deutsche Telekom.

Customer service wins European Business Award
Telekom Deutschland's customer service was honored in the final round of the European Business Award (EBA). It is one of the ten best companies in the Customer Focus category. Over 32,000 companies from 33 countries across Europe applied for the award. Our customer service previously won the title of National Champion in the same category and qualified for the final Europe-wide elimination round for the EBA.

Honored with the International Business Excellence Award
In 2016, we won the International Business Excellence Award in the "Customer service and customer perception" category. We were honored for the program "Voice of the customer," our international customer contact analysis. We use the program to collect customer feedback across all channels of contact. In this way, we obtain over five million pieces of feedback each year. The system is already in use in twelve European countries.