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  • 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report
2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is key when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to reducing electricity consumption by improving energy efficiency, improving the energy mix behind electricity production can significantly improve our carbon footprint. That is why renewable energy is one of the four pillars in our new climate strategy. As part of this strategy we are currently devising concrete renewable energy targets and strategies. Our national companies in Greece, Hungary and the Netherlands are already pioneers in this field with 100 percent of their electricity coming from renewable sources.


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New solar power units installed

We are increasingly relying on solar energy to power our technology sites. In 2014 we decided to equip 600 sites with photovoltaic units over the next several years. Our internal energy service provider, Power & Air Solutions, is responsible for installing the units.

In early 2016, we were operating solar power units at a total of 311 switching centers in Germany. These units are expected to reduce our carbon footprint by 1,510 metric tons of CO2 each year. New units with up to 150 kWp were added over the course of the reporting period, which will lead to further reductions in CO2 emissions of 77 metric tons in 2017.

More green energy at European national companies

We have encouraged our European national companies to work toward a share of renewable energy in total electricity consumption that is at least 10 percent above the national energy mix. Indeed, our national companies further increased their shares of electricity from renewable energy, coming to a total group-wide average of almost 33 percent by the end of 2016.

On average our group-wide share of electricity from renewable energies was 10 percent above national energy mixes*. To this end, our national companies also use renewable energy certificates (guarantees of origin img). Despite our efforts, however, we were unable to achieve our target values at some of our national companies. Other national companies such as Magyar Telekom, T-Mobile Netherlands and OTE in Greece are setting a great example and are already using 100 percent renewable energy to meet their electricity needs.

* In calculating the share of renewable energy in the electricity we consume, we take the country mix as a basis as no data is available regarding the share of renewable energy in the residual mix. The share of renewable energy in the residual mix is typically lower than the country mix. For Germany, the EEG surcharge paid is taken into account when calculating the share of renewable energy.

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