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2016 Corporate Responsibility Report
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Fair and market-oriented pay and benefits are a key tool to steer Telekom in times of change and high competitive pressure. Telekom also addresses this topic in its Social Charter.

Deutsche Telekom is committed to fair pay
Deutsche Telekom has a close relationship with employee representatives and pays all of its employees fairly. Even temps working for Telekom, who are paid by third parties, receive competitive rates of pay.

Gender-based pay analysis indicates fairness
We have been systematically comparing the pay of male and female employees in Germany since 2009. Once again, our 2012 analysis did not indicate any significant gender-based differences in the pay of employees not covered by collective agreements and executives. Among employees covered by the collective bargaining system, we can exclude the possibility of gender-specific disadvantages, since pay is determined solely by an employee's assignment to a function group. These results prove that Deutsche Telekom practices fair pay for men and women alike and is opposed to all forms of salary discrimination.

Company pension plan
Telekom offers its employees an attractive, employer-financed company pension plan on the basis of voluntary commitments. The capital account plan is a modern, defined contribution system. In addition to the capital account plan, we also offer our employees an optional company pension scheme, which is exclusively financed by employees. This enables employees to close any retirement income gaps and, if desired, to protect themselves against occupational disability and/or secure financial support for relatives in case of death.