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2016 Corporate Responsibility Report
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Code of Conduct on energy consumption of broadband equipment

In September 2010, Deutsche Telekom signed the CoC BB (Code of Conduct on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment), which was issued by the EU Commission. The CoC BB specifies standards for end devices and network components and places a number of requirements on systems manufacturers. One of these requirements is to produce, select and use broadband equipment on the basis of energy efficiency criteria.

By signing the code, Deutsche Telekom committed itself to optimizing the energy consumption of its broadband equipment. The company works to make sure that the new systems it introduces do not exceed the maximum levels specified in the CoC BB, and cooperates closely with the suppliers involved to achieve this goal. Because the code is continually being adjusted in line with new technologies and findings, Deutsche Telekom continuously has to comply with new specifications.

Telekom in Germany regularly assesses the extent to which its equipment is in compliance with the technical specifications specified in the CoC BB. The results are summarized in a report, which is then sent to the EU Commission.