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2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Social Commitment ESG KPI DT Group in Germany

As shown below, we measure our performance in society with the Social Commitment ESG img KPI. The trend in the Social Commitment ESG KPI reflects a decreasing trend in the German public's growing expectations of our Company's social commitment, whereas Deutsche Telekom's performance receives the same rating as the previous year.

We report this ESG KPI for the last time in 2016 - as our ESG KPI Media Literacy better reflects the relevance for Deutsche Telekom's Core Business.

We use an exclusive telephone survey of 2,000 people from the German residential population (customers and non-customers) con-ducted by TNS Infratest to measure our Social Commitment ESG KPI. The following questions were asked to determine the importance of social commitment: "How important is it to you that companies are active in the community?" In order to rate the performance of the Deutsche Telekom Group in Germany, TNS Infratest read the names of several companies to those surveyed and asked them to indicate whether those companies were involved in the community by answering "yes" or "no."

Reporting against standards

This data is relevant for criteria 18 (Community) and 7 (Rules and processes) of the German Sustainability Code.