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  • 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report
2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Cultural & sports sponsorship

Culture and sports are a source of pleasure, of inspiration and also of innovative strength for society. An inspiration to many people, they create a sense of community and enable understanding across cultural and political borders. As an international corporation, we feel that sponsoring cultural activities and sports is another element of our corporate responsibility.

Getting involved in culture and sports

We encourage variety in cultural expression throughout the Group. In Germany, we are one of the leading sponsors of culture and sports. In addition to providing funding, we support artists, athletes, event organizers and associations in their communication and marketing activities. Regional involvement at our locations also plays a key role.

Sponsoring music is a long-standing tradition at Deutsche Telekom and a vital element in the our brand communication activities. We want to give as many people as possible access to cultural events, thus encouraging them to share thoughts and ideas. Our main sponsorship focus is placed on events like the Beethovenfest and the International Telekom Beethoven Competition in Bonn, which has been providing a stage for up-and-coming pianists from all over the world for eleven years.

We are a partner of the Junges Theater Bonn and sponsor a number of projects including a media education school project that works to motivate young schoolchildren to take a fun, creative approach to learning about new media.

We support both professional and mass sports with our sports sponsorship activities, which focus on soccer partnerships with the German Football Association, FC Bayern Munich and other German major league soccer teams. We also place emphasis on those aspects of sports that foster community life. We sponsor athletes via the Deutsche Sporthilfe organization, projects focused on mass and school sports and athletes with disabilities. And we make some noise at our Bonn location with the help of the Telekom Baskets Bonn.


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Encouraging enthusiasm for sports with the Telekom Baskets

We want to take responsibility for our immediate social environment, which is why we sponsor the Telekom Baskets in Bonn.

Ticket sweepstakes for the Telekom Baskets
Before the 2016/2017 season got underway, we launched our ninth Tix for Kids ticket sweepstakes. We raffled off two sets of tickets (2 x 30) for each home game. Participation was open to all schools in Bonn. Businesses# also had the opportunity to become ticket sponsors for social welfare institutions, school classes, club teams and work centers for disabled people.  We participated in the sweepstakes as well and donated an additional 242 tickets to various organizations including the Maria im Walde children and youth center and refugee housing.

Baskets@school student training project
Deutsche Telekom's Baskets@school initiative makes it possible for students in 5th through 10th grade to have their sports idols visit their school. Children and young people experience what professional basketball training is like by participating in a training session that lasts for around 90 minutes. The goal of the project is to strengthen team spirit and teach students from the region more about basketball. Pros from the Telekom Baskets teach the students tricks and special moves. Head team trainers offered a total of eight training sessions from November 2016 through April 2017.

Stollenhelden: The new soccer program for future stars

Stollenhelden (Soccer Heroes), Deutsche Telekom's new soccer program for future stars, in an advancement of the ANSTOSS! soccer initiative. We are involved in youth soccer with projects like "Soccer Heroes of the Month," "New sports experience" and "Team spirit." The sponsorship program supports amateur soccer clubs with a focus on young talent.

Soccer Heroes of the Month
Each month we recognize the best goal shot by soccer players up to 15 years of age. They all have the opportunity to upload videos highlighting exceptional goals. Five are pre-selected by the jury. People can vote for their favorite online at The "Soccer Hero of the Month" receives a prize worth 1,000 euros for them and their club. They are have the opportunity to compete for the title of "Soccer Hero of the Year."

New sports experience
We run the "New sports experience" sponsorship initiative in collaboration with the German National Paralympic Committee (DBS) and the Sepp Herberger DFB foundation. The blind soccer training course gives teams with players 12 years and older the change to have new experiences and learn how to play blind soccer. In "Blind stadium experience" students with and without impaired sight attend a German soccer league game together and follow the action via headphones. This experience promotes camaraderie among young people.

Interactive sports experience
Within the context of restructuring our soccer sponsorship activities, we also expanded our online activities. We offer information for children and young people, parents and trainers on our homepage Soccer parents and dedicated trainers can visit our Facebook page to talk about the development of their soccer players.

Young reporters at the 2016 Paralympics

The RioMaNiacs young reporter project is a collaboration between Deutsche Telekom and the Aktion Mensch charity lottery organization. An integrative reporter team comprised of one disabled and one non-disabled student from the German Sport University in Cologne reported online on the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Via the social wall, the reporters followed the events and reported on the latest news from the Paralympic living quarters of the young German Paralympic athletes. The reports were designed particularly to get young people interested in the Paralympics. The integrative nature of the project shows sports can bring together people with and without disabilities.

Deutsche Telekom has been a sponsor of the German National Paralympic Committee (DBS) since 2006. We are a national partner of "Together for Germany – The German Paralympic Team" and promote and support Germany's Paralympic athletes.

A unique concert experience at the Beethovenfest and Jazzfest festivals

Beethovenfest Bonn
We were again Chief Sponsor of the Beethovenfest Bonn in 2016. The slogan of this year's concert experience was "Revolution." The program's two focal points were the French and Russian revolution with the Toulouse National Orchestra and the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra.The student manager project of the Young Beethovenfest initiative again organized an event at last year's festival. The Outside the Box! concert featuring vocalist Helen Schneider and the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra was organized by secondary school students over a period of eight months. The students handled financing and advertising and make sure the concert runs smoothly. The team was also responsible for artist and sponsor services, visitor services, the online presence on different channels, a press conference and planning and running the entire supporting and educational program. Beethovenfest employees assisted the students in all of their responsibilities.

Jazzfest Bonn
We were also once again the Chief Sponsor of last year's Jazzfest Bonn in April 2016. In this role we presented a double concert at the Telekom Forum on April 22 where the Bundesjazzorchester (German Jazz Orchestra) and the Thomas Quasthoff Quartett entertained the audience.

Sport Is Good campaign

The 2016 Biggest Sports Hour
“The Biggest Sports Hour” is a sports and movement festival and more than 50,000 people from 16 cities in Romania and Bulgaria participated in the sixth edition of this festival. Approximately 100 volunteers backed the organization of the event. Telekom Romania is hosting the festival within the “Sport is good” campaign. 41 sports classes took place in the festival including a shooting gate for football enthusiasts that was supported by 64 famous national and international trainers. We organized a run called “TriKids” for the little ones and a bicycle training session entitled “Kids Bike School”. During the event, we set up a new world record for “the largest number of people running 100 meters in a 12-hour outdoor relay”. Around 1,000 runners took part and ran a total distance of 154 km in the city of Bucharest over a period of 12 hours. We were also able to advise more than 700 people on nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. 

Telekom Romania supported the second edition of Brasov International Marathon
In May Telekom Romania organized the Brasov International Marathon as part of the “Sport Is Good” campaign. More than 2,000 national and international runners participated in the marathon. The fees collected from the 5 km race and 15% of the value of the other competition races (marathon, relay-marathon, half-marathon and 10 km race) were donated by the Telekom Romania Foundation to the ”Copiii de Cristal” Association for the benefit of the children with autism.

Free WiFi img services at 20 top archaeological sites and museums in Greece

The OTE Group has been cooperating with the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports to offer free WiFi img at 20 archaeological sites and museums throughout Greece. The aim of this initiative is to promote Greek cultural heritage through technology, enhance interaction by the public and increase the connectivity of the sites. The investment exceeds EUR 2 million and includes research, design and development relating to wireless infrastructure, procurement of the necessary equipment, operation and maintenance of the networks, and provision of free wireless internet services for a period of three years. Free WiFi provision will be gradually completed by the end of 2017.

The OTE Group’s Telecommunications Museum in the new digital era

The OTE Group's Telecommunications Museum has completed the huge task of documenting and digitizing its collection.  This is one of the few Greek museums that have documented and digitized the majority of its collections, including more than 23,000 items and files that comprise the story of telecommunications and Greece as a country.The collection can now be accessed by everybody. The online  archive is constantly being enriched and it currently includes more than 600 exhibits displayed on the new Museum's website.