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  • 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report
2016 Corporate Responsibility Report


Our social commitment reflects our responsibility as a company acting in the political, social and business environments. To us, this also means encouraging the volunteer efforts of our employees, which contribute significantly to strengthening the sense of community. By getting involved in the community, our employees also propagate our values and promote a favorable reputation for Deutsche Telekom in their immediate environment. Volunteering is also very beneficial when it comes to internal HR development. It expands each person's horizon and has a positive impact on social skills and teamwork. It also encourages identification with the company.

That is why we give our employees ample opportunity to volunteer, preferably with a focus on teaching media skills. This is just another way in which we help simplify and enrich the lives of those around us. We also support our employees in their private volunteer activities.

Taking responsibility in our society

We contribute to society in a number of ways with our corporate citizenship program, engagement@telekom. engagement@telekom is based on two pillars:

  • Long-term partnerships with non-profit organizations
  • Corporate volunteering img (supporting our employees in their volunteering activities) and corporate giving (our donation activities)


In times of digital transformation, we want to be a trusted partner to society. We contribute our core expertise and the commitment of our employees to these efforts.

We give our employees the opportunity to volunteer for social projects or the environment within the scope of our Social Days. Examples include our participation in Civic Involvement Week sponsored by the National Network for Civil Society. Our social commitment often takes the form of longstanding partnerships like our partnership with Nummer gegen Kummer, the Telefonseelsorge crisis helpline, the Lebenshilfe aid organization and DKMS, the German Bone Marrow Donor Center.

Corporate volunteering img is also an important component of our training and development activities. The volunteer efforts of our apprentices are given special recognition in our Group competition, "Responsibility wins!".

Our corporate giving concept includes donations for aid organizations worldwide, preferably those with which we have longstanding partnerships, and fast disaster relief. Our Group Donation Policy lays out the guidelines for these activities. For example, we have been collaborating with Germany's Relief Coalition, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, for 13 years now.

When it comes to our corporate volunteering, we collaborate closely across country borders and share experiences and best practices. We use a set of KPIs to measure our success:

In 2016 we have analyzed the impact of our engagement with the SDGs. The results show that our corporate citizen strategy is a large contributor in achieving the goals, with emphasis on SDG #4, #5, #10 and #17.  For 2017 we are planning to further strengthen the connection between our corporate citizenship program and the SDGs - focusing on core activities (e.g. inclusion by broadband expansion and innovation) as well as our focal topic “digital literacy”.

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"Responsibility wins!" competition

Our "Responsibility wins!" competition gives our apprentices and cooperative degree students the opportunity to get involved for the greater good and develop their skills beyond the scope of their professional training. Many of them all over Germany once again participated in 2016. A total of 47 projects were submitted to the jury. Four of them received an award in February 2017 at an awards ceremony held at Deutsche Telekom headquarters in Bonn. Because so many good ideas were submitted, first place was awarded twice: to a team of apprentices from Hamburg and to one from Nuremberg. Both teams launched projects giving refugees the chance to see what it is like to work at Deutsche Telekom and complete an application training offer.

International Red Cross

During the reporting period we supported the Restoring Family Links (RFL) program conducted by the International Red Cross in the context of our donation program. It often happens that family members lose contact with each other when fleeing their home country. The RFL program tries to put families in contact with each other via phone, Internet or handwritten messages and to locate missing persons, especially children.

Humanitarian action for the people affected by the floods in Skopje

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia and the city was hit by the “water bomb” storm on 6 August 2016. 21 people lost their lives, dozens were injured or went missing, and roads, houses and infrastructure were damaged.

Makedonski Telekom immediately called on its employees to take humanitarian action. They were asked to help those people affected by the flooding and provide essential resources. Apart from collecting food and toiletries, our colleagues also visited the municipality Stajkovci which had been most severely affected by the flood.  They helped to rescue some of the furniture in flooded accommodation, removed mud and cleaned up homes. Our volunteers also took away waste and debris that had been deposited by the flood waters. They worked tirelessly and with great dedication for many hours each day. Alongside the volunteering work carried out by our employees, we also donated EUR 32,000 toward reconstruction of homes in the municipality Gazi Baba. We provided power banks and mobile units for local citizens in the affected areas. Our mobile phone network was fully operational.

The Telekom for Macedonia Foundation and the Red Cross started a donation hotline and this collected more than EUR 100,000.

Social initiatives by OTE-Cosmote

COSMOTE Scholarships Program
COSMOTE ran its scholarships program for the 15th consecutive year. The program provides 51 scholarships for first-year students facing financial and social difficulties with a total value of EUR 770,000. Alongside financial support, COSMOTE offered the scholars fixed and mobile products and services free of charge to cover their telecommunication needs for the duration of their studies along with cable TV services. Over a period of 15 years, the program has provided a total of 581 scholarships valued at more than EUR 4.3 million.

Supporting NGOs for children
Once again this year, the OTE Group supported 16 charitable organizations caring for children all over Greece by contributing financial aid that exceeds EUR 550,000. Over the past 17 years, the OTE Group has supported more than 55 institutions with over EUR 7 million contributing to the improvement of children’s living conditions all over Greece. Again, three of the NGOs were selected by vote of the employees. Two of these help to satisfy the basic needs of children in terms of food, clothes, education and housing. The other NGO provides psychological support to children at the Oncology Units of Hospitals in Athens.

Contribution to Children’s Hospitals
In 2016, the OTE Group cooperated with the “Pediatric Trauma Care” non-profit organization and contributed to the creation of Trauma Centers in two Children’s Hospitals in Greece. Over recent years, the Group has allocated more than EUR 370,000 to infrastructure and healthcare equipment for children in nine Greek public hospitals. Up until now, this helped more than 81,000 children.

Edition II of "Exempt from Theory" – T-Mobile for the Young!

Since August 2015, T-Mobile has been a strategic partner in the Exempt from Theory program initiated by the start-up Social Wolves in 2014. The program is a contest that helps young people to gain their first professional experience after school. The aim is to develop practical skills in project management among young people and inspire them to take part in social activity.

Participants identify an idea for the most interesting action and then put it into practice with the support of mentors. Each finalist will receive an international certificate signed by the Project Management Institute.

As part of the partnership, T-Mobile Polska provides internships for students, and several dozen employees also act as mentors. They look after the technical equipment for the interns, and assign a special award for the best technological project. We are also working on an e-volunteering platform where students can address problematic issues and our employees can help them online.

In 2016, 11,000 students signed up for the program in the most recent edition and they carried out 506 projects which reached about 5 million beneficiaries. We are now in the middle of the third edition and 7,700 students have registered so far.

Participation in this project provides another example for implementation of corporate responsibility activities that benefit young people, foster volunteering among employees, and strengthen the company’s image as a professional and socially responsible employer.

TUN Fund presents fourth sustainability award

T-Mobile Austria started out 2016 with its fifth annual call for submissions for Austria's popular sustainability prize through its T-Mobile Environmental and Sustainability Fund (TUN Fund). The goal of the fund is to tap the potential of mobile communications with the aim of finding solutions to environmental and sustainability problems. In 2016, the jury selected the winners from 69 submitted projects. Awards were presented to the projects "InterprAID", an online platform for interpreting and intercultural mediation, “Be.Energised Community”, a management and accounting platform for charging stations of electronic cars and “Speech to text device”, an augmented reality text display for the hearing impaired. The additional school award was presented to ATSS (autonomic transmitting sonar system), a platform that stops the accumulation of silt in reservoirs in order to facilitate generation of green electricity. A total of EUR 50,000 was handed out at the awards ceremony which was held in November 2016 at the T-Center in Vienna.

Free healthcare program "One Life"

At Telekom Albania, we are committed to our customers and we care about their quality of life. In September 2016 we introduced the “One Life” program. This program offers free healthcare services to our customers.

Our mobile customers who recharge their prepaid account by EUR 7.30 are rewarded with the Silver package. This includes free unlimited visits to a surgeon, pediatrician, orthopedist, gynecologist or pathologist. The Gold package is for customers who recharge their account for three consecutive months. It includes an annual health check package of complete blood count, cholesterol, glycaemia and cardiac tests, dental checks and dental cleaning. Our postpaid customers can become part of the “One Life” program simply by registering.