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  • 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report
2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

A reliable partner in the digital world

Digitization is changing our lives – how we communicate, how we stay informed, how we learn. That makes media literacy a key element in guaranteeing equal opportunities and participation in our society. With this in mind, our aim is to make sure that people know how to competently and safely use new technologies regardless of their social background or personal abilities. Our numerous projects and initiatives in Germany and Europe are targeted at children and young people as well as adults.

We also strive to make refugees feel welcome in Europe. We want to support their cultural integration and help them find their way on the job market. Our aim is to open career perspectives to help them start their new life. With these efforts we are helping make Europe and our company ready for the future.

What makes us a reliable partner in the digital world

Access to state-of-the-art information technology is a prerequisite for participating in the information and knowledge society. That is why Deutsche Telekom works actively to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, background or education, can participate in our society. We are creating the necessary technical infrastructure and reducing the financial hurdles that prevent its use. We want to connect people with our products and services but also with our social involvement. To this end, we contribute our core expertise as an international ICT img corporation.

ICT can help us master social challenges. We develop our own offers and support partner initiatives with our expertise in this area. Our activities focus on the following:

Reliable partner in the digital world

Raising awareness
Encouraging implementation
Building skills
Raising awareness

Digitization is changing our lives and digital responsibility is becoming increasingly important. The only way to effectively shape this process is in collaboration with the worlds of business, politics and society. We have made a commitment to promoting social dialog and are active in collaborations and partnerships to facilitate this dialog. Our decision to sign the Charter of Digital Networking reflects that we accept our responsibility in this process. Our activities also revolve around promoting online security. In the "Confidential" issue of our We Care app magazine and our online advice portal,, we provide free advice on how to safely use the Net and answer questions about data privacy and online security.

Encouraging implementation

We want to motivate people to find creative digital solutions to social challenges. This is one reason why we contribute our expertise to various projects and initiatives:

We are also working to further improve access to modern information technology. Within the scope of the Telekom@School initiative, we offer free broadband connections to general education schools throughout Germany focusing on general education. This gives children and young people the opportunity to learn how to use digital media irrespective of their family background. Our affordable special plans make it possible for low-income customers and people with disabilities to make phone calls and surf online at affordable rates.  More than one million customers in Germany take advantage of these special plans each year. Our national companies also work to ensure easy access to information technology. In the scope of Magyar Telekom's "hello holnap!" initiative customers with disabilities are offered subsidized rates and usage options in line with their particular circumstances.

Building skills

We want to enable people to benefit from digitization. Teachtoday is our initiative promoting safe, competent use of media. It supports children, young people and parents as well as teachers by offering hands-on tips and materials. We also address people that have rarely or never worked with modern information technology:

  • Within the context of our Social Days, our employees organize trainings in plain language on using cell phones and the Internet for residents of Lebenshilfe facilities.
  • The Access to the Digital World initiative supported by OTE and Cosmote teaches basic computer skills to people over the age of 50.
  • We also run a program for former colleagues and help them with computer problems in this context. In December 2016, they had the opportunity to bring their laptops, smartphones and tablets to a computer party in Bonn where our experts helped solve their technical problems.
  • With our "Yes, I can!" initiative, we support projects and organizations that help socially and educationally disadvantaged young people improve their personal skills.
  • Our "My chance to get going" project offers an education to young people with poor perspectives on the job market.
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