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  • 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report
2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Raising awareness

We want to be a reliable partner in the digitized world, which is why we work to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges that digitization brings and encourage public dialog. Our study on digital empowerment and involvement in the Charter of Digital Networking help further our efforts.


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Signing the Charter of Digital Networking

The Charter of Digital Networking is an initiative that spans companies, industries and associations, and was founded at the instigation of the National IT Summit. Beside Deutsche Telekom, its initiators include other business enterprises, associations and academic institutions. The charter comprises ten principles regarding the social and economic potential of digital networking and dealings with data, infrastructures and standards. Companies that sign the charter commit themselves to these principles and, in doing so, show that they intend to contribute toward Germany's future-minded digital development. The charter stands for a shared set of values and sense of responsibility. The object is to hold a forward-looking dialog across all social levels and to create a common understanding as we move toward a digital society. Together, topical questions on digital transformation are addressed, answers developed and an exchange of experiences organized on the implementation of corporate digital responsibility.

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New study on digital empowerment

The majority of German Internet users do not feel their data is safe online. These were the findings of a representative survey on digital empowerment conducted between late 2015 through mid-2016 by the Cologne Center for Ethics, Rights, Economics, and Social Sciences of Health (ceres). The study was commissioned by Deutsche Telekom. 91% believe that their personal data is being accessed unnoticed on the Internet. 82% assume that most companies release data held on their customers to other companies. The findings show that companies need to do more to convince people to go along with digitization. Deutsche Telekom continues its efforts to increase transparency for Internet users. The advice portal, for example, provides information on online risks and protective measures. We are also helping the EU Commission come up with standardized symbols for the topic of data privacy. Similar to traffic signs, these symbols will make it easier for consumers to navigate the Internet [link to Customers & products; Consumer protection]. With our Teachtoday initiative and our involvement in "Deutschland sicher im Netz", we promote empowerment when it comes to personal data.

Campaigns: Digital detox and Christmas Day sharing

On December 24, 2016, T-Mobile Austria called upon people to participate in a digital detox as part of its "Silent night" initiative. The aim was to raise awareness of responsible smartphone use.

The "Silent night" app tracked how many minutes people switched their smartphone to silent. Our customers throughout Austria participated in the initiative, with a total of 14 million minutes spent silently on Christmas Day – a tremendous success. The idea of a digital detox was presented at a discussion panel of Austrian celebrities who talked about spending time away from their smartphones.

The silent minutes go to benefit Austrian children with cancer. Because participation was so impressive, we tripled our donation to the charities involved, donating a total of 45,000 euros. We can look back at a ten-year partnership and, with this initiative, we support follow-up cancer care camps for children and young people.

Deutsche Telekom's 2016 holiday campaign in Germany drew attention to the motto "Life is more rewarding through sharing." The story, "The magic Advent calendar", in which a little boy learns about the joys of sharing, was at the heart of the campaign. This put our Christmas campaign's focus on an emotional message that goes hand in hand with our commitment to society.