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  • 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report
2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Stakeholder Management

As a company, we are constantly balancing the expectations of a variety of stakeholders when managing our business. That is why our success depends on recognizing the interests and demands of our stakeholders and meeting and addressing these whenever possible and reasonable. Stakeholders img also expect to be kept informed of how companies are responding to their requirements. We go even further by actively surveying our stakeholders and involving them in our management processes.

Engaging in dialog with our stakeholders helps us identify trends early on, which fosters our innovation processes (click here for current examples). At the same time, this strengthens existing alliances and creates new opportunities for partnerships. This is particularly important in terms of our sustainability targets, which we can only achieve in collaboration with partners from the worlds of politics (political advocacy), society, science and research, and industry.

Fostering stakeholder engagement

GRI-Indikator G4-25

We systematically encourage stakeholder engagement in our corporate activities. In 2011 we developed a strategy for stakeholder engagement in order to manage our various activities throughout the Group. The strategy is based on the three AA1000 img principles developed by the NGO AccountAbility: materiality, inclusivity, and responsiveness. We reviewed compliance with these principles in 2013.

We distinguish between three types of stakeholder engagement: information, dialog and participation. Our activities are based on six principles for stakeholder management.

In order to ensure that our CR activities are designed effectively, we regularly assess how our stakeholders perceive and rate these activities. For this purpose, we particularly rely on our materiality process and CR topic monitoring.


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Feedback from the stakeholder survey

Our ongoing stakeholder survey (To the survey) includes weighting topics (2016 results) and rating our sustainability performance as well as open questions. Below is a summary of feedback results for the period from January 2016 to December 2016 which we use to advance our CR activities.

Recommendations on how Deutsche Telekom can further improve its corporate responsibility:

  • Stronger customer focus and improved customer service
  • Providing transparent information to customers (e.g., on pricing) and increased focus on consumers
  • Reduction of mobility-related emissions (pertaining to CO2 emissions, fine dust particles and NO2 emissions)
  • Stronger focus of our CR activities in line with our core business
  • More intensive involvement of our employees
  • More activities focused on media literacy
  • Expanding our sustainable product portfolio and increased communication efforts

Requirements concerning the sustainability of Deutsche Telekom products:

  • Durability
  • Option to recycle at the end of the product life cycle
  • Guaranteeing data privacy and security
  • Transparent product information

Requirements on network expansion:

  • Improving network quality
  • More affordable access for all market participants

Expectations on sustainability rating in the supply chain

  • Placing more importance on sustainability criteria in procurement

Suggestions for strengthening commitment to sustainability among employees and in the corporate culture:

  • Increasing trust in secure workstations
  • Promoting equal opportunity (e.g., of women in technical professions)
  • Good working conditions throughout the Group

Requests and suggestions for improved reporting:

  • More active marketing of the CR report (e.g., via social networks)
  • Shortening the CR report (e.g., focusing more intensively on material aspects)
  • Creating a newsletter for people interested in sustainability

Focus on dialog: Group website and CR report

In 2016, we placed even greater emphasis on dialog with our stakeholders in our CR report and on our company website at

With our 2016 online CR report, we are making it even easier for our readers to get in touch with us and provide us with direct feedback on our sustainability performance: Selected articles include a comment function. You can give us feedback or ask questions, which will be answered by Deutsche Telekom experts. An overview of all comments arranged by topic is available under the sub-section "Expert forum“.

With the relaunch of our corporate website, we revamped our online presence in 2016. The website features a new design, new functions and advanced dialog and service offerings. The heart of the new design is the feed, which consolidates all the latest news from the Group, turning our corporate website into a digital hub.  The feed content includes articles from the website, along with posts from Deutsche Telekom's various social media channels. All information about our company and the dialog options on offer are now presented in real time, directly on our home page. Visitors are encouraged to comment and discuss a variety of topics. A dynamic question-and-answer module (FAQs) helps interested visitors quickly find answers to their questions. Questions can also be sent directly to the website's editorial staff.

Both the CR report and website are fully responsive, enabling convenient use on any device – smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.