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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
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Achieving a good work-life balance

One of Telekom's goals is to promote a good work-life balance, for example through mobile work options. We expressly encourage our employees to utilize such options. However, this work approach also involves risks and can also create additional stress, particularly when managers require their employees to be constantly available. In 2011, Deutsche Telekom became one of the first companies to require its managers to make sure their employees were using e-mails and phone calls responsibly and to set an example through their own behavior. The relevant policy states, for example, that employees do not have to answer e-mails outside of working hours. 

We continue to promote work-life balance in Germany with the following supportive measures:

  • Childcare offers: Deutsche Telekom providers day care for its employees at some locations with high employee numbers
  • Fathers' network: The Heimspiel fathers' network provides advice on how to coordinate career and family as well as contact information and discussion forums
  • Holiday program: Organizing holiday activities for our employees' children
  • Youth exchange programs
  • Free emergency childcare
  • Free assistance in finding local childcare facilities
  • Advisory and placement service for employees with elderly family members in need of care
  • Leave of absence for family emergencies
  • Family vacation offers

Family support services: advice and arranging of services through the AWO welfare organization's parental service