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Cyber Defense Center

Cyber criminals focus their attacks on valuable patents, technologies and other corporate knowledge. In many cases, it is difficult to determine the extent of the damage caused by these attackers. At our new Cyber Defense Center, which opened in Bonn on April 16, 2014, we bring together our cyber defense expertise under one roof, enabling us to more quickly identify, ward off and track cyber attacks. We use the knowledge gained at the Cyber Defense Center to not only protect our own infrastructure but also to develop IT security solutions for our customers.

At the heart of the center is a system that analyzes attacks. We use this system to pursue a focused defense strategy, which is based less on broad-based prevention measures and more on the targeted analysis of behavioral patterns potentially related with cyber attacks. This focused approach significantly reduces the amount of data we need to analyze and makes it possible for us to initiate countermeasures more quickly. We also use an intelligent early warning system in our analyses that fabricates weaknesses in different devices connected to the Internet. These honeypots provoke attacks, identify their origin and document the type of attack. Deutsche Telekom currently operates 180 honeypots, which recorded more than one million attacks daily in 2014. This number only came to 300,000 in 2012. Every day we publish the latest figures and other statistical analyses at

The new center is an advancement of our Telekom Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT), which manages security incidents for all of Deutsche Telekom's information and network technologies internationally.

In creating the Cyber Defense Center, we are continuing to expand on our own cyber security expertise. We developed a continuing education program for our employees to become Cyber Security Professionals. The program was certified by the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry.