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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
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Deaf hotline

Deutsche Telekom feels that it is the company's responsibility to offer disabled people the easiest possible access to Telekom's services. We set up a hotline in Germany for the deaf and hearing impaired as early as 2003. Customers can send an e-mail, fax or letter or use their video phone to talk to our specially trained employees about any problems or questions they may have. Not only are these employees fluent in sign language, they are also familiar with the problems that people with hearing impairments might have with technical equipment or settings on their cell phone.

What's more, in 2002 T-Mobile signed a master agreement with the German association for the deaf, Deutscher Gehörlosen-Bund e.V, regarding special conditions for the association's members. The agreement includes special plans for people who only use their cell phone to send messages.