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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
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German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS)

Deutsche Telekom has been supporting DKMS, the German Bone Marrow Donor Center, since 1994. DKMS is the largest typing center in the world, putting potential stem cell donors in touch with leukemia patients. Donating stem cells gives patients the chance to be cured. However, to make this chance a reality, the donor's tissue needs to be almost a 100-percent match with that of the patient. Because this is seldom the case, every fifth leukemia patient in Germany is still unable to find a donor match.

Deutsche Telekom regularly conducts typing drives for employees who are interested in being included in the database and pays the costs for each typing. More than 12,000 of our employees have already been typed and more than 100 lives saved as a result of our longstanding collaboration.