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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
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It is our conviction that diverse teams, comprised of men and women from different age groups, follow different approaches and contribute different skills that bolster our success in global markets. That is why promoting diversity is one of the most important objectives at our company and will also help us increase the number of women at all company levels.

More and more women in management positions
In 2010, Deutsche Telekom was the first DAX 30 enterprise to announce the launch of the Fair Share initiative, with the goal of appointing women to fill 30 percent of the leadership positions available in mid-level and senior management throughout the Group worldwide by the end of 2015. To achieve this goal, we are focusing our attention on development programs for women in the company who demonstrate management talent. We support women not only with an eye toward their future management career, but also in their current positions of leadership.

  • In doing this, we tie Fair Share to segment-specific target structures and, based on standardized reporting, examine the measures taken to achieve these targets.
  • We rely on the steadfast commitment on the part of our management employees, and we expect that our managers serve as role models by acting in ways that reflect the values of the Group. We support this with specific communications measures.
  • We integrate diversity-compliant quality standards in all HR products and processes, especially in our hiring and appointment processes.

Leading mixed teams effectively
We launched the Group-wide gender collaboration training program as early as in 2010 as a mandatory module to raise managers' awareness of the challenge and potential of diverse employee groups. In 2014 we integrated the "Added value through diversity" module into our leadership programs in order to build out management skills in this area. We are also planning to introduce an e-learning module on managing diversity.