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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
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Performance management

Assessing the achievements, competency and potential of our employees provides the starting-point for their subsequent development. A uniform approach ensures the transparency and comparability of individual achievements, both for employees and for the Group. Based on these assessment results, we can offer challenging, inter-departmental or international prospects, as well as being able to promptly identify suitable successors when vacancies arise.

When assessing the performance status of our workforce, as well as target management, we also use the Performance & Potential Review (PPR) and Compass performance measurement tools. Compass is used for both employees covered by collective agreements and civil servants in Germany. The Performance & Potential Review is used for managers and employees not subject to collective agreements as well as employees at our national companies. Both tools are already a permanent fixture in Germany. The PPR is currently being introduced systematically at all of our national companies. Both tools promote dialog between managers and their teams. This exchange, which includes regular feedback on performance and development measured against uniform yardsticks, allows employees to take stock of their current career position. On this basis, they can then liaise with their superiors to plan and implement subsequent development steps. Our assessment tools and related processes are constantly evolving to become even more efficient.