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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

T-Mobile Czech Republic

Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Martina Kemrová, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

The CR strategy at T-Mobile Czech Republic can be summarized in three concepts: focus, long-term partnership, and sharing know-how. We are confident that our know-how, products and services have the potential to make a significant contribution to solving social and environmental issues in the Czech Republic if we fully utilize the potential of our people. CR is an organic part of our business and we take our long-term impact on the local community and global society seriously. We believe that linking business strategy with social and environmental needs is the right way to run our business.

We therefore base our social responsibility on six pillars:

  • Pro svět (“For the World”) – covers the area of responsible business operations: human rights, labor conditions, anti-corruption, environmental protection, and internet safety
  • Vymysleme to (“Let’s Think it Up”) – focuses on using T-Mobile’s know-how in information technologies to promote social objectives
  • Mluvme spolu (“Let’s Talk to Each Other”) – consists of grant programs for non-profit organizations that contribute to achieving positive changes in the region and support socially vulnerable people
  • Rozjeďme to (“Let’s Start it Up”) – supports start-up businesses such as the T-Mobile Take-offs program
  • Pomáhejme si (“Let’s Help Each Other”) – supports volunteering and charitable activities by the company’s employees
  • Rozvíjejme se (“Let’s Develop”) – provides non-financial support to non-profit organizations and socially disadvantaged people (e.g. elderly citizens)  like the T-Mobile Academy, CR seminars, workshops, and conferences

T-Mobile is the first international corporation in the Czech Republic to work toward adopting the ten fundamental principles of the UN Global Compact at local level. The company is the founding member of the local network for this global initiative in the Czech Republic. As a member of the local UN Global Compact network, the company wants to contribute towards raising the quality of corporate social responsibility and disseminating international know-how. T-Mobile aligns its mission alongside everyday operations with ten universally accepted principles of social responsibility in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption efforts, and with the SDGs. Our big commitment to CR is also expressed through a number of awards that we have received over recent years. These include: Employer of the Year, Employer of the Decade, Company of the Year: Equal Opportunities, and the Via Bona award for the involvement of employees in philanthropic and volunteering activities.

Martina Kemrová, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications


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Awards and Memberships


  • APMS (Association of Mobile Network Operators)
  • CAEK (Czech Electronic Communications Association)  
  • UN Global Compact Czech Republic
  • PMF (People Management Forum)
  • Aliance pro mladé (Alliance for Young People)


  • TOP Employers 2017 (organized by the Students and Graduates Association): 1st place in the Telecommunications Category
  • Společnost přátelská rodině (Family Friendly Company) organized by the Network of Maternity Centers with support from the CR Office of the Government and the Government Council for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
  • Mobilní aplikace roku (Mobile App img of the Year competition, category: Application for a Better World): Dobrý anděl application (Good Angel app) – 2nd place

Navigation stick for the visually impaired

As a socially responsible company, T-Mobile Czech Republic aims to support visually impaired people. We have been cooperating with the Czech Technical University to develop a unique navigation solution for the blind. Connecting up global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and wireless data transfer networks has created one of the most advanced orientation solutions for visually impaired people. T-Mobile Czech Republic has supported the development of this navigation solution by providing connectivity in 3G img and 4G, data SIM cards and modems. The newly developed navigation stick for blind people is connected to a smartphone and the navigation center. Based on a 2G-4G app, the service enables navigation data, voice communication and images to be transferred. It also utilizes a camera for orientation in buildings where GNSS does not work. A testing phase was completed in 2017. After a redesign and various improvements, a complete prototype of a new-generation stick has been completed. This new improved stick is being tested in 2018. We plan to launch the product at the end of the year.

Reduction of energy consumption

T-Mobile is aware of the global impact of greenhouse gas emissions. We therefore hold a number of ISO certifications. This helps us to systematically reduce our energy consumption and cut down carbon emissions.

We also increased the number of customers receiving electronic invoices. 1,222,588 customers now receive e-invoices and this corresponds to 76.6 % of the total number of invoices.

Another focus area is reducing the CO2 emissions generated by our car fleet. This also contributes to better air quality. We do this by purchasing more environmentally friendly cars, regular maintenance of our car fleet, and by increasing the percentage of cars powered by petrol instead of diesel.

CR conference in 2017

In 2017, we organized our annual CR conference in order to share our commitment to corporate responsibility with a wider community, such as employees of other large companies or SMEs, interested members of the public, the non-profit sector, the government sector, and the media. 

The conference was entitled “Why Czech family companies are devoted to CR”. Three representatives and owners of successful and responsible companies - Jarmila Baudišová (Avast), Martina Mazancová (Pars Komponenty) and Jan Školník (HOBRA Školník) – shared their experiences and inspired about 80 attendees with their approach.

Since 2008, T-Mobile Czech Republic has been regularly organizing conferences focused on the topic of corporate responsibility.

Take-offs Program Supports Regional Start-ups

2017 saw the seventh round of the Take-offs program. The T-Mobile Czech Republic program provides financial support, long-term professional advice, and expertise to regional start-ups. The overall aim is to help potential entrepreneurs, who often come from vulnerable backgrounds (people in regions of high unemployment, women on maternity leave, senior or handicapped citizens, students without work experience).

Out of the 437 registered projects this year, 40 regional winners were chosen and announced by an expert jury at 9 regional workshops run for all interested participants free of charge and attended by 550 people. The regional winners all receive a helping hand from experts in marketing, communication, and finance, as well as tangible, financial support worth EUR 3,700.

Members of the general public are invited to select the overall winner from among 40 regional winners. More than 14,000 people took part in the online voting and selected Petr Šmíd and his project called Hoblhome (kitchen products made of wood) as the overall public winner to receive an award worth EUR 5,500. A professional jury also selected a national winner. This year Dagmar Dušková and her project called Damilk (production of homemade cheese) was selected as the national winner and received prizes worth a total of EUR 25,900.

The Take-offs again enjoyed significant media coverage. The winners were invited to present their projects on TV and radio, and in various print and online media.

“Let’s Talk to Each Other”

In 2017, T-Mobile announced another round of the T-Mobile Mluvme spolu (“Let’s Talk to Each Other”) grant program, focusing on small non-profit organizations.

Out of nearly 113 grant applications a jury selected projects from 37 NGOs, local communities, and organized groups to receive support amounting to a total of EUR 110,000. Each organization was allowed to submit one project, with the opportunity of receiving up to EUR 3,703 for implementation of the project.

This grant supports projects striving to achieve positive change in our society. It also promotes a change in surroundings to create a better place for life through communication and cooperation between people. The grant is based on integration of people with disabilities and socially vulnerable individuals. Most of the projects are aimed at improving life in the community and they generally relate to all regions in the Czech Republic.

Supporting Stories

On the basis of an employees’ initiative, T-Mobile Czech Republic first decided to organize a fundraising campaign entitled Pomáhejme příběhům (“Supporting Stories”) in 2013 to help people in difficult situations.

The fifth round of this campaign took place in December 2017 as a part of the “Giving Tuesday” festivities. Each employee had an opportunity to publish a short story about a particular person who they wanted to help using a special app on the intranet. The individual might be a family member, friend or someone in the area who was in need, or a client of a non-profit organization. The employees nominated a total of 30 vulnerable people. After publication of their stories on the intranet, the person nominating a particular story had to donate the first EUR 39 to prove their support for the story, inviting colleagues to join in and help raise the full amount required. T-Mobile pledged to match every donation. More than 500 employees participated and a total of more than EUR 50,000 was donated by employees and the company.

Digital Inclusion of Senior Citizens and School Children

As part of our e-safety strategy, we have issued a brochure called “Safely on the Net” that will be distributed to our customers for free in the shops. The illustrated and lifestyle-like publication was written in cooperation with a specialist on e-safety. It is intended for all users of the internet but with the main focus on parents. It includes tips on avoiding risks when using computers, the internet, and social networks in particular.

The main part is dedicated to tips on how to protect children from potential abuse and the Školák (“Schoolchild”) package is a special offer for parents of schoolchildren. Independently of the child’s mobile credit, parents can purchase the package to keep an eye on their children’s movements, protect them against inappropriate content on the internet and keep track of their mobile credit. The package is linked to the “Surfie” application. This app is provided free of charge and makes it possible to track the location of children and restrict viewing of internet content.

The app is in the Czech language, works with iOS and Android operating systems, and includes three licenses. These can be used to protect three children or they can be installed on three different devices. The app requires internet access and the bundle therefore contains a 10 MB data allowance per month for the child. After the data allowance has been used up, the internet access speed slows down. However, children will still be able to use the app.

In the area of IT and e-safety, we held 4 seminars for senior citizens on “How to use mobile phones” and “Internet and apps” at the Centre for seniors in Prague. The seminars were run for 25 participants by T-Mobile employees. 

Corporate Volunteering and Charity

Promoting Corporate Volunteering
Corporate Volunteering is an essential part of our activities as an ethically responsible company. It satisfies our employee’s desire to help, and benefits the local community.

Our volunteer program Den pro dobrý skutek (“One Day for People in Need”) enables employees to spend one working day every year volunteering in a non-profit organization. Around 500 volunteers took part in the program in 2017.

Our senior management presented the award of “Volunteer of the Year” for the fifth time in recognition of our employees’ efforts. In common with other years, our employees were able to nominate themselves or a colleague for the award. The six best volunteers were selected from all the proposals and the “volunteer of the year” was chosen from this shortlist. The prize for the selected employee was a donation to an NGO of their choice. Marta Krupičková Lígrová, from the Legal and Corporate Affairs Division, was selected as “Volunteer of the Year” for her long-term volunteering at a hospice, a forest nursery, and a dog shelter. In total, 16 volunteers were nominated and more than 400 people took part in voting.

T-Mobile Academy
2017 was the fourth year of the T-Mobile Academy with seven non-profit organizations participating. The aim was to assist them in undergoing a qualitative and structured change, improving their professionalism, and boosting their growth with quantifiable results. This year’s syllabus included individual consultations, coaching, mentoring, and a final one-day conference. The training was held by T-Mobile employees on a voluntary basis. For them, this was an opportunity to pass on their know-how and skills. Participation in the program also strengthens their motivation and increases job satisfaction.

In addition to the Academy, the company continued to organize regular workshops for the non-profit sector, which focused on presentation skills, social media, and human resources. A total of almost 100 participants took part in five seminars.

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business Areas and market share  

T-Mobile Czech Republic is a member of the Deutsche Telekom international telecommunications group. T-Mobile has six million customers making it the number-one operator in the Czech mobile market. However, T-Mobile is first and foremost an integrated operator. In addition to telecommunication services, it offers comprehensive ICT img solutions for companies and for other organizations and individuals. It provides outstanding services in the high-speed network and state-of-the-art innovations in technologies.

As a founding member of the UN Global Compact network in the Czech Republic, T-Mobile Czech Republic places emphasis on adopting a responsible approach to the environment and the community at large. It promotes fair business practices, plays a role in developing useful applications and services, supports non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals, and lends a helping hand whenever crisis situations arise. The company’s employees serve as volunteers in many places throughout the Czech Republic.

Number of customers   6,000,000
Number of employees   3,321
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   1996

ISO 9001 – Quality Management System,
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System,
ISO 20000-1 – Service Management System,
ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management System,
ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System

Please refer to the internet for further information   More information about the company is available at (the portal for journalists), (information on the company’s CR activities) and (T-Mobile Takeoffs – a program to support small businesses).