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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

T-Systems Mexico

Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Federico Casas Alatriste Managing Director T-Systems México

Corporate responsibility is a significant component of our DNA at T-Systems Mexico. Over the years, a wide range of employees have been proactively participating in various initiatives and looking to improve the disadvantaged conditions suffered by different groups and communities in our country. We are fully committed to continuing these efforts.

Federico Casas Alatriste, Managing Director of T-Systems México


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Cuenta Conmigo Program

Our “Cuenta Conmigo” Program supports the volunteering engagement of our employees and provides assistance in sustainable, long-term projects. The efforts of our employees and their links with non-profit organizations enable us to provide solutions for various social problems. 

This year our “Count on Me” Program provided support in several disasters and we managed to overcome adversity and move forward. In 2017, the earthquake on 7 September was followed by an earthquake on 19 September. Many people lost their livelihood, belongings and their homes, and T-Systems Mexico wanted to help those affected and the relatives of our employees. As in the past, we demonstrated once again that we are strong and capable of helping each other especially in adversity. Through the “Count on Me” Program, T-Systems Mexico employees assisted by volunteering, donating money and partaking in the “Run with a Cause” running events in Puebla and in Mexico City.

Sports Tournaments

T-Systems Mexico seeks to promote greater integration, better quality of life, and a good work-life balance. This year TSMX organized various sports tournaments such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, and dominos from January to December. There was a big uptake and approximately 40% of our employees took part in various activities. This helped to improve our work ethic, enhanced teamwork, contributed to a healthy lifestyle and released stress.

Health Month

As part of our “Total Health” Program, an in-company training program was launched to promote physical exercise, improve the health and lifestyle of employees, and enable them to participate in relaxing activities with their co-workers.

This year’s “Health Month” was organized in October 2017 and included activities for all our employees. The company received government support through the Mexican Social Security Institute and employees were offered a check-up with eye test, blood-pressure measurements, testing for glucose levels, vaccinations for seasonal diseases, and height and weight checks.

The program included six health presentations, five guest specialists in insurance, dental and eye care, and four courses on civil defense. 371 employees took part in the Health Month representing 30% of the workforce. They were able to attend any of the health events held in Puebla and Mexico City.

Recycling for Donating

We are continuing with our Habitat Recycling Program. This focuses on recycling materials such as PET, paper, cans, etc. that are generated within the company and in employees’ homes. In 2017, we succeeded in recycling 17,300 kg of waste. A total amount of € 2,633 was donated to Salva al Mar (Save the Seas Foundation) and to helping children with kidney disease at the Poblano Children’s Hospital. These activities provide an integrated approach for helping the environment.

Energy Savings in the Company

Several measures are being implemented to help save energy in our offices. These include replacement of fluorescent lamps with LED lamps, installation of motion sensors, and monitoring of the air conditioning system in all offices. As a result, a 9.5% saving in watts was achieved in 2017 compared with 2016. Moreover, we were able to implement efficient measures in energy consumption, such as photovoltaic cells. This allowed for a saving of 15% of the entire consumption of the facilities.

Corporate Identity, Cooking Workshop and Contest of Offerings

As in every Cooking Workshop, the new chefs (TSMX employees) learned the correct technique for washing their hands and arms so as to maintain hygiene in the kitchen. They were then given the ingredients for learning how to make dough for any new dish. These workshops are intended to highlight issues in occupational health and they are free of charge for the attendees.

The Contest of Offerings
Every year, “the Day of the Dead” comes alive at our facilities. People honor deceased members of their families and celebrate this tradition. The celebration involved various activities such as a coffee tasting and “pan de muerto” (dead bread), the traditional Mexican calaveritas candy, and the “ofrendas” or offerings contest.

On 26 October, the T-Systems facilities were full of colors, flavors and joy as people remembered loved ones and colleagues who are no longer with us. Six different offerings (ofrendas) from different areas participated in the contest and first and second place were awarded to the ones with the most likes for their photos posted on YAM, the internal social collaboration plattform for Telekom employees.

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business Areas and market share   Mexico is currently the 12th largest economy in the world and it is projected to be the ninth biggest economy by 2030. The IT services market has growth potential (approx. 8% CAGR 2017-2020). The main focus industries for T-Systems Mexico are manufacturing, the public sector, and healthcare. 
Number of customers   Around 130
Number of employees   933
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2006
Certifications   ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 img, CMMI Level 3, SOC 1 Type II ISAE 3402 / SSAE18, NMX-R-025-SCFI-2015, Certification of Equal Employment and Non-discrimination 
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