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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

T-Systems Netherlands

Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Sake Algra, Managing Director, T-Systems Nederland B.V.

Corporate responsibility (CR) in a company is an important form of self-regulation to monitor and ensure compliance with the law, ethical standards, and international health, safety and environmental standards. Our straightforward approach to corporate responsibility helps our customers to focus on these issues and also triggers awareness in our own people. This is often an enabler for doing business together. CR is a continuous improvement process and we are proud to facilitate this key aspect by adding environmental and social values to our conceptual approach. We fully accept our responsibility for developing a sustainable way of doing business together while making the world a better place at the same time.

In 2017, a corporate responsibility framework was set up. It is managed by a steering committee and supported by the Board of Management. This committee is intended to embed sustainability within each area as a cross-functional topic.

Sake Algra, Managing Director, T-Systems Nederland B.V.


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Corporate Responsibility Framework

In 2017, we established a corporate Responsibility Framework. It consists of 3 pillars: Green company, Great place to work, and Giving something back.

As a consequence, we defined 3 goals: Improving sustainable business with the focus on a low carbon society, Being an attractive employer for sustainable life & work, and Supporting society through our employees without any direct advantage for our company.

Fostering the use of electric cars

In May 2014, T-Systems Netherlands introduced electric cars for lease drivers in order to help reduce the CO2 emissions discharged from the company’s cars. Charging stations have now been installed in parking areas to facilitate charging during office hours.

All-electric and hybrid cars help to reduce CO2 emissions as shown in the table below. The reduction in CO2 emissions is good for the environment and the lower tax rates provide a further major big advantage for drivers. These two benefits promote the popularity of these types of car in the Netherlands. This appeal is illustrated by the 24.5% share of cars designed to reduce CO2 in the company’s fleet at the end of 2017.

Car type CO2 emissions %
CNG (natural gas) 88 g CO2 3.4
Hybrid 36-88 g CO2 19.8
Pure electric 0 g CO2 1.3
Total   24.5

Progress at our Office Buildings and Data Centers

Since 2016, our office building in Vianen has been supplied entirely with green energy (100 %). Our offices in Heerlen and The Hague cannot be supplied with green energy due to the fact that there are other tenants in the building and to the strategy of the owner of the building.

In 2017, we focused on improved efficiency for the floor space of our office buildings. A significant decrease in floor space will be achieved as a result:

  • at the end of 2018, a decrease of 50% in The Hague and
  • at the end of 2019 a decrease of 40% in Vianen.

The main focus for our data centers in 2017 was the significant decrease of floor space and energy consumption (28% less energy consumed by comparison with 2016, 13% less energy consumed by comparison with 2015). This was achieved through asset refresh (lifecycle management), decommissioning, and data-center consolidation.

Employability Program

T-Systems Netherlands deliberately encourages its employees to invest in their professional development and position themselves as experts in their individual fields. This is reflected in the company’s Employability Program.

T-Systems advocates lifelong learning and continuously raising the awareness of our employees for sustainable employability on the internal and external labor markets. This is achieved by offering relevant tools, internal mobility, and opportunities for our staff.

In 2017, we introduced the career check for all employees. This is a program employees can participate in once every three years and undergo a career health check. They work together with an external coach and are offered career interviews, social media training, presentation skills, coaching on setting up a career/development plan, and support for achieving their goals. We have received very positive feedback from our staff about this opportunity.

Encouraging employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle

T-Systems believes that a good balance between workload and a healthy lifestyle is essential for its employees’ wellbeing and happiness. All employees with a desire to embrace a healthier lifestyle in 2017 were offered the option of forming teams to participate in a running event over a distance of 5 or 10 km. The principle behind this approach is that all change begins with defining a clear goal, and a certain amount of peer pressure and encouragement stimulates everyone to cross the finishing line. A group of 75 runners from T-Systems participated in the outstanding event.

T-Systems Netherlands was the main sponsor of the 10 km race in the Vianen Vrijstad Loop held on Sunday 9 April 2017. This race was organized by the municipality of Vianen where the headquarter is located. T-Systems Netherlands sponsored the run and made it possible for the initiators to organize the event geared to encouraging the inhabitants of the city of Vianen to take more exercise.

Charity initiative

We are developing joined-up campaigns and projects to achieve our goals within the CR framework. One example is setting up an initiative where we connect the volunteering work of our employees and a cash donation by the company to support a specific charity project chosen by all of our employees.

Implementation of the EED (Energy Directive)

In 2017 we conducted an energy audit to upgrade our ISO 14001 certificate so as to comply with the requirements of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). We have now achieved greater insight into our energy consumption, and created a structural approach for monitoring and improvements. 

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business Areas and market share  

Focus on international customers in manufacturing, finance, trade, transport & logistics, and the retail industry. Market share approx. 2% within the IT services market in the Netherlands.

Number of customers   > 20
Number of employees   446
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2001
Certifications   ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO22301, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
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