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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

T-Mobile Poland

Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Andreas Maierhofer, CEO T-Mobile Poland

We are strong thanks to the people that we work with and for

All T‑Mobile Polska operations and activities are guided by the mission of creating an environment where advanced technologies contribute toward the development of a sustainable society. This is a natural consequence of the responsibility we have as a company to provide innovative solutions in the area of advanced technologies, and as an organization that is a market leader.

Our goal is to create a reality in which the operation of these technologies is founded on traditional values. This involves respecting everybody’s rights and ensuring equal access to technology.  We are pursuing this goal with a number of programs designed with our stakeholders, business partners and customers in mind. T‑Mobile is focused on people. It is our concern for their security that drives our initiatives aimed at demonstrating not only how to knowingly and safely use advanced technologies but also how to apply them in innovative ways. Our involvement is best illustrated by our campaigns: T‑Mobile Safe Internet Lab – workshops on secure web surfing for elementary school children, T‑Mobile Help Measured in kilometers – a unique social project with more than a million Poles involved in actively helping over the past five years by collecting kilometers for a good cause by running, walking, biking, riding on roller or in a wheelchair, or the partnership with the Coderdojo Foundation aimed at developing the passion for coding among children and young people.

We believe that in the modern world where we enjoy access to an unlimited supply of goods offered by a large variety of vendors, customers will trust only those for whom social responsibility activities and business growth are of equal importance.

Andreas Maierhofer, CEO T-Mobile Polska


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Awards and Memberships

  • Internet Safety Certificate 2017 awarded by the Office of Electronic Communications (for the second time in succession).
  • Top Employer 2017: For the eighth time in a row, T-Mobile Polska received a certificate from the Top Employers Institute acknowledging the highest quality and outstanding character of its employment policy. This was the second time that the company was ranked first among all the employers who had qualified for the survey.
  • White Leaf AwardT-Mobile Polska was awarded the White Leaf Award for its CSR activities. It was acknowledged as a company that is striving toward achieving a highly effective business while being mindful of its impact on society and the environment.
  • Business Traveler Poland: for the best mobile network operator in Poland.
  • Solidarity Awards: for organizations which actively support the development of female leaders by strengthening diversity, commitment and innovation in their organizations.
  • Star Quality Service Award in the category: Mobile Telecommunications. This award is given to companies highly rated by consumers as part of the Polish Service Quality Program (since 2008, 365 days/24 hours a day analyzing the level of consumer satisfaction).
  • 1. Star Quality Service Award 2007 - 2017 - the prize of the decade for T-Mobile
  • Best in Test:  In a survey carried out by the research company P3 Communication, T-Mobile turned out to be the best network for the third year in succession. The study involved comparing all four infrastructure operators providing mobile services in Poland. T-Mobile won in the category of "highest quality of calls" and "data transmission".

Edition III of "Exempt from Theory" – T-Mobile for the Young!

Since August 2015, T-Mobile has been a strategic partner in the Exempt from Theory program initiated by the start-up Social Wolves in 2014. The program is a contest that helps young people to gain their first professional experience after school. The aim is to help early-career learners to develop practical skills in project management and then inspire them to take part in social activities.

Participants identify an idea for the most interesting action and then put it into practice with the support of mentors. Each finalist will receive an international certificate signed by the Project Management Institute.

As part of the partnership, T-Mobile Polska provides internships for students, and several dozen employees also act as mentors. They look after the technical equipment for the interns, and assign a special award for the best technological project. We are also working on an e-volunteering platform where students can address problematic issues and our employees can help them online.

In 2017, 18,000 students signed up on the platform.  They carried out 850 projects which reached about 5,5 milion beneficiares.

Participation in this project provides another example for implementation of corporate responsibility activities that benefit young people, foster volunteering among employees, and strengthen the company’s image as a professional and socially responsible employer.

Help Measured in Kilometers

Help Measured in Kilometers is a nationwide campaign launched in 2013 and carried out by T-Mobile Poland since then. It aims to support physically disabled children by providing prostheses and rehabilitation. All smartphone users who run, cycle, rollerblade, walk or take part in wheelchair sports are able to join the campaign. The kilometers covered are added together using the free Endomondo Sports Tracker app installed by all the participants on their smartphones.

The secret of the campaign’s success is a combination of three elements: new technologies, a passion for physical activity and a desire to help kids. Since the beginning of the campaign, we have been able to continuously increase the number of kilometers involved. From gathering 40 million kilometers in 2013, we went to collecting almost 140 million kilometers in 2016. In 2017, close to 1.4 million participants covered almost 140 million kilometers within 92 days, burning 6,670 million calories in the process. For the fifth time we have turned the kilometers gatheres into zlotys to help children in need. Another million zloty was donated to the TVN Foundation “You are not alone”.

Christmas charity auction

Since the first Christmas Charity Auction was held at T-Mobile, it has become a tradition for members of staff to participate in the auction just before Christmas every year. They take part in a highly competitive bidding process for art produced by the children of employees. The total amount generated by employees in the course of the auction is doubled by the company. In 2017 we collected almost PLN 60,000 (approx. EUR 15,000).

This money is channeled into implementation of employees’ volunteering projects, including support for NGOs, public institutions, and other entities allowed by Polish law. In this way, employees are able to share their knowledge, skills and passion.


The motto of the T-Mobile Polska volunteering program is “The joy of helping” and the program was created as the best way to develop competencies, skills, engagement, employer branding, and mature leadership. It forms part of the company’s HR strategy.

T-Mobile Polska supports its volunteers as an employer by coordinating actions and giving volunteers an extra day off, special insurance and advice. Otherwise, employees themselves are responsible for their volunteering and they feel that they benefit a great deal from their experiences as volunteers. Volunteering creates a positive atmosphere within the company, enhances engagement, and builds up good relations.

Coding workshops for kids

Coding is a serious matter for many people and it is associated with complex and painstaking work to save hundreds and perhaps thousands of lines of code. However, programming language is no different from the language we use every day as far as IT specialists are concerned. That’s why thousands of volunteers encourage ordinary citizens to try learning about coding in the EU Code Week and help them to understand the principles of programming.

Together with the CoderDojo Foundation, we have been promoting coding projects throughout the year 2017. In May, we awarded as many as 55 grants under our T-Mobile “Cool Grants” project. During the summer holidays, our employees’ children had a chance to participate in a day camp, where they learned to program in Scratch and built robots. We also hold coding classes every week at the company. These activities culminated in SuperDojo 2017, organized by T-Mobile and the CoderDojo Poland Foundation. It took place on 21 October at our headquarters at ul. Marynarska 12 in Warsaw and was attended by about 350 people. Clubs from all over Poland and the most interesting finalists of the T-Mobile Cool Grants competition all held presentations, lectures and workshops.

During EU Code Week, which celebrated its jubilee in 2017 and was therefore extended to two weeks, 20 CoderDojo clubs from all over Poland held free and open workshops for children and the youth. This year's event included more than 2,300 different initiatives promoting programming and new technologies across the country. EU Code Week is a grassroots initiative set up 5 years ago by the Young Advisors group working with the European Commission. An important element of the initiative is to engage participants from a variety of sectors, such as teachers, engineers, the business world, non-governmental organizations, schools, etc., in their actions.

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"Fajne Granty" Grant Program

“Fajne Granty" by T-Mobile is a grant program for enthusiasts of programming and new technologies. In 2017, T-Mobile Polska and the CoderDojo Polska Foundation issued an invitation to all those people who work on a daily basis to popularize programming and new technologies among young people.

Modern education cannot avoid new technologies. Our children will live in a world where the programming language will be the key to understanding it. Good educational projects teach children to carry out their civic duties and how to live within society. We wanted to support initiatives that focus on the common good and support local communities. 

The grant competition was intended for non-governmental organizations, institutions, and individuals. We received 286 applications. 47 grants were awarded with a total value of PLN 218,000 by a commission composed of representatives of the Ministry of Digitalization, T-Mobile Polska, and non-governmental organizations. In the process of selecting the winners, the primary focus was on the innovative nature of the proposed activities and their anticipated social impact. All awarded projects received significant backup and communication support. The selected projects were invited to Warsaw for the SuperDojo 2017 event. This was the final event in the jubilee edition of the European Coding Week. The best projects received co-financing of PLN 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000.

The Ministry of Digitalization was the honorary patron of the grant program.

T-Mobile Safe Internet Lab

A study carried out by Poland's Central Statistical Office in 2016 revealed that 80% of the country's households had access to the internet. Most of them are families with children, and 90% of them have access to home computers. According to the same study, 44% of children aged 5 to 15 use smartphones. Internet access offers the opportunity to discover more about the world and build relationships, but it can also be a threat, especially among young people who are often not aware of the dangers.  That’s why it is so important to teach the youngest members of our society how to move safely through the virtual world.

In February 2017, we launched the first edition of the T-Mobile Safe Internet Lab (Laboratorium Bezpiecznego Internetu T-Mobile). This educational project was carried out together with the Digital University Foundation and it aims to make primary school children aware of the boundless possibilities offered by the internet. By participating in our workshops, children learn, how to use the internet safely. As a socially responsible company, we would like to make sure that the technologies we create benefit society first and foremost. We are well aware of both the opportunities and the dangers that come with using the internet, and we would like to share this knowledge with children, parents, and teachers. Our program is designed for all children aged between 6 and 12 years old. In 2017, we trained more then 4000 pupils in 28 cities in Poland. 200 teachers and approx. 8000 parents received our educational materials.

We know that we still have a lot to do, and many schools have asked us to hold workshops. We have the evidence that our classes are necessary and the project is under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

We are also very proactive within our company. The Internal Communication Department and Security Awareness Team have also created a joint advertising campaign for employees called "Child-Friendly Internet - T-Mobile Safe Internet Lab” (Internet Przyjazny Dzieciom – Laboratorium Bezpiecznego Internetu T-Mobile). The campaign is conducted via the intranet site and the internal Security Portal.  We have created a series of episodes about dangers on the web, and provided tips on how to avoid them. At the end, our employees were able to check their knowledge through e-learning.

Unicef - "Let's help children survive the winter"

For more than six years, there has been a war in Syria. It is a conflict between adults, in which children pay the highest price every day. These children are deprived of joy and a childlike, carefree existence, they are without parents and loved ones, and there are no prospects for a better future. Children who are sick, often injured, and with no chance of safe shelter are living in an environment and under circumstances not of their choosing. Every day, they exist in a struggle for survival. There are no words to describe the pain and fear that every Syrian child has experienced. Winter is intensifying this suffering. UNICEF Polska went into action and organized the Winterization campaign to help the youngest victims of the war in Syria.

T-Mobile Polska and its employees joined the campaign which dispatched blankets, shoes and warm clothes for the youngest victims of the war. The joint initiative sent PLN 180,000 to the UNICEF Polska account. The donations meant that we were able to buy 7000 blankets for these vulnerable children. The funds raised were in the form of a donation given by the company and revenue from the sale of bricks which acted as entry tickets providing access to the company’s annual general meeting. A huge outpouring of positive emotions and goodwill accompanied the help given and the material value. This is another example of the enthusiastic involvement of people working at T-Mobile Polska on important social initiatives. The letter sent by the company to its business partners and suppliers at the beginning of December provided living proof of this commitment. The Management Board of T-Mobile Polska encouraged them to support the Winterization campaign in an unusual way. Everybody was asked to donate the money they planned to spend on Christmas gifts for the operators’ employees to the Foundation instead.

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business Areas and market share   T-Mobile Poland is one of the three leading providers in the Polish mobile market.
Number of customers   10,251,000
Number of employees   Approx. 4,744
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   1995 operational shareholder, since the beginning of 2011, 100 percent ownership
Certifications   ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
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