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2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Telekom Romania

Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Michael Tsamaz, OTE Group Chairman and CEO

At OTE Group, we strive to create a better world for everyone, through technology and innovation. In 2017, the Group continued its sustainable performance throughout its footprint, in Greece, Romania and Albania by further enhancing its positive impact on the economy, society, and the environment.

We achieved a stable economic performance despite external pressures, and we provided advanced communication and entertainment services to our customers, while also offering businesses the necessary tools to grow.

We remained the biggest – by far – investor in telecommunications in Greece, building the networks of the future all across the country, with fiber optics as our flagship project, thus tackling the digital divide.

Digital transformation is our Number 1 priority. We focused on changing people’s experience and lifestyle by deploying new technologies, developing new products, and exploring new ways of communicating with our customers. 

At the same time, we managed to sustain our social contribution geared toward supporting vulnerable social groups with a particular focus on children. Furthermore, we continued to reduce our energy footprint and incorporate the principles of the circular economy into our activities.

In 2018, we drive forward our sustainable development strategy towards the same goal: using technology and digital transformation to change the world around us.

Michael Tsamaz, OTE Group Chairman and CEO


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Awards and Memberships

Comunic@tii Mobile Gala
“Best CEO” and “Best Mobile Technology” awards for Telekom at Comunic@tii Mobile Gala

Miroslav Majoros, CEO of Telekom Romania, was awarded “Best CEO” at the fourteenth edition of the Comunic@tii Mobile Gala. And the “Best Mobile Technology” award went to Telekom and Ericsson for the first 5G trial in Romania.

HR Innovation Forum 2017
Carmen Dumitrache, Chief Human Resources Officer, awarded for best TedEx format speech structure.

CSR Awards 2017
Telekom Romania Foundation won second place in the category "Supporting employees" for the "You choose and we help together!" project launched to offer financial support to employees and collaborators of the Telekom Group, in the CSR Awards 2017 Gala.

Gala Capital Awards
Ruxandra Voda, President of the Telekom Romania Foundation won 2nd place for the best CSR manager who had a significant involvement in social responsibility projects, competing with dozens of top management companies in Romania.

Top company involved in sports
According to the study made for the first time by Adrenallina Sport PR and The Azores, Telekom Romania ranks second in the Top of Companies involved in sports. 1. Allianz Asigurari Tiriac; 2. Telekom Romania; 3. BCR

Business Woman Gala
Telekom Romania awarded for “Excelenta in comunicarea de brand” – Excellence in Brand Communication 2017 Award

Telekom Banking awarded at the Piata Financiara Awards Gala
Together with Alior Bank, we received the award for the best digital banking project in 2017.

Telekom in top 10 CSR Index 2017
Telekom and 8 other companies were the only ones out of the 100 analyzed in the study to have a score over 50% in transparency and involvement in the CR field.

Smart cities: Our sustainable projects in 2017

Telekom Romania launches Smart City projects in Constanța and Piatra Neamț
In 2016, Telekom successfully rolled out the first integrated Smart City project in Bucharest, Romania. It combined four technologies: smart parking, WiFi img connectivity, city safety, and smart lighting, all integrated through an Internet of Things platform.

Telekom Romania recently launched a second Smart City project in Constanța, and a third one in Piatra Neamt. The solutions are part of the “Smart Street” concept, and they address urban needs such as efficient lighting, public safety, internet access, efficient parking, and electrical recharging for cars. They also enable the municipalities to provide useful information for citizens in real time, and to monitor environmental factors such as air quality.

The solutions are based on the IoT (Internet of Things) concept. Sensors embedded in the solutions communicate online through smart interfaces. This concept is also gaining momentum locally and it yields significant improvements in domains such as transportation, public safety and environment monitoring, without adding a significant number of devices to existing infrastructure.

A parking lot in Constanta with 50 places was equipped with sensors that allow drivers to track the availability of parking places in real time. In addition, the municipality can monitor the level of occupancy, and based on the statistics generated make an evidence-based decision on where parking lots should be supplemented.

Moreover, a Smart Lighting solution has been installed, which can be controlled remotely. It is based on energy-efficient LED technology and allows for adaptation of the light intensity based on the profile or the requirements of the relevant area.

The multifunctional tower provides urban security with 360-degree surveillance cameras. It is also fitted with temperature, wind, and noise sensors, making available relevant information on the city’s environmental quality in real time. Based on this information, the local administration can make informed decisions about improving citizens’ quality of life.

The project has been implemented together with technology provider ZTE. 

The pilot project in Piatra Neamt foresees implementation of several innovative components, including a smart piece of street furniture. The solar-powered park bench will enable visitors at the park to charge their mobile devices and they can connect to the Wi-Fi internet services. As in Constanta, a Smart Lighting solution has been installed that offers the ability to reduce the light output according to predefined scenarios, resulting in lower energy consumption. The project also includes implementation of a station that charges two electric cars simultaneously.

In order to foster environmental protection and public health, an air quality monitoring station has been installed with the capability to measure ten parameters. The parameters include temperature, humidity, CO2, radioactivity, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide. The information received from the monitoring station is communicated to the public on a large external display.

Furthermore, a smart video surveillance component has been installed. It can analyze images for missing or added objects, as well as for the movement of people. When deviations are registered, an automatic alert is set off.

Last but not least, the project offers free Wi-Fi over the entire urban area and this represents a significant public amenity.

The key technology partner for implementing intelligent solutions was Huawei Technologies.

More details about the projects are available here:

First modular smart house presented in Romania

Telekom and Vivid presented the first modular smart home project in Romania to integrate a complete Smart Home solution. This includes home monitoring and control technologies, as well as Internet TV and connectivity services to provide a complete ecosystem. The main benefits of the Smart Home solution offer future owners of Vivid Modular Houses safety, comfort, data security, and electricity and heat consumption efficiency.

The user is able to monitor and manage the system using the dedicated apps on smartphone and tablet. Users can install sensors and control devices to suit their specific needs and preferences, and automate, monitor and intelligently manage all home functions. These can be for comfort, such as the lighting system or the TV and audio system control, or for safety, such as automatic door operation or water and gas control.

The Smart Home system allows owners to control their Vivid House and check the status of their devices from anywhere using the Internet. The intelligent house system remotely informs users about all events relevant to the proper management of the home. It therefore provides protection and safety to the Vivid Modular House, offering valuable support in crisis situations, such as fires, floods or attempted burglary, through "guardians" like the door or window sensors, or multifunctional motion sensors, smoke and flood sensors, and Smart sockets, which can, for example, turn off the power. The entrance door is provided with the Yale smart lock, which ensures home security without having to use the keys.

With its monitoring and control functions, the intelligent house system allows owners to make electricity and heat consumption more efficient. Furthermore, access to the Vivid House and owner information are protected at the highest level through data security and encrypted communication.

The Smart Home implemented by Telekom Romania within the Vivid project uses FIBARO devices.

Our engagement for digital inclusion

Learning how to program – The CoderDojo workshops
A record number of 230 children between 6 and 17 years enrolled in the CoderDojo Bucharest North programming and robotics workshops supported by Telekom Romania and the Telekom Romania Foundation. The workshops will be held monthly during the 2017-2018 school year and they are divided into themes and levels (beginners and advanced). Students will be guided throughout the sessions by 22 volunteer mentors with a background in programming.

This year, a total of 160 children enrolled in Khan and Scratch workshops. These workshops allow children to develop soft skills like teamwork, communication skills and learn about the stages of a project. They will design games, learn how to program them, how to test them, and how to pitch them in front of an audience.

Arduino is another workshop where children learn about computer assisted electronics and a microcontroller plate is designed to interact with the environment using sensors and drive systems. Mentors at this workshop are preparing the children for a future career in the technologies associated with the Internet of Things.

At the Java Minecraft workshop, 33 young people will be guided in understanding the programming mechanisms involved in the very popular game “Minecraft”. Children will make changes to the game using the Java programming language.

This year, an Algorithmic Workshop was also introduced. 11 young people attending this workshop will explore the fields of algorithms in mathematics and computer science. The students will go through basic notions, learn about specific algorithms and programming in C language.

CoderDojo is an international movement initiated in Ireland in 2011, which aims to give learners a context where they can understand programming in an open, informal environment through regular sessions with extracurricular activities. Dojos are initiated, coordinated and conducted by volunteers. In Romania, there are currently more than 40 Dojos. CoderDojo North Bucharest is supported by Telekom Romania and the Telekom Romania Foundation.

Additional information can be found at People interested in becoming CoderDojo volunteer mentors can find out more here.

Digital Education for Romania
Telekom Romania is providing modern technologies for performance learning in approximately 30 schools throughout Romania. The program offers an electronic school catalogue to support the digitalization of Romanian schools. The digital bundle includes tablets and internet connectivity, as well as access to an educational management platform. It contributes to the efficient organization of the school, an improvement in teaching, and an increase in interactivity between teachers, students and parents. Schools where the platform has been introduced so far in 2016 have seen up to 63 % fewer absences and test results have improved.

Sport Is Good campaign

In 2017, Telekom Romania continued to support the Romanian National Football Team as the main sponsor. This initiative is in line with Telekom’s strategic commercial direction of offering customers top sports content and experiences, and it is in line with the Deutsche Telekom International sponsorship strategy.

Another project exerting a major impact on society is the Telekom Skating Arena operated by the Ion Tiriac Foundation. The company supported the establishment of the only existing rink in the Bucharest Ilfov district at the current time with the aim of encouraging sport among children, young people and support for sports teams.

In January, the company supported the 7th edition of Gerar Half Marathon organized at the campus of The Polytechnic University. The project is intended to promote outdoor running in any weather. Approximately 700 runners took part in the two sections of cross-country (10 km) and the half marathon (21 km). Telekom Romania’s employees had the opportunity to participate as runners, or as volunteers in the organizing team for the event.

The “Biggest Sports Hour” 2017
During June and July 2017, Telekom Romania in partnership with SmartAtletic organized the 7th edition of the sports event “The Biggest Sports Hour” in Bucharest, Brașov, and Mamaia. The event was attended by more than 50,000 people from 21 cities in Romania. It featured around 35 fitness classes, coordinated by 118 instructors, and 18 sports such as: cycling, street workout, freewheel, table tennis, football, handball, Up&Down cross etc.

In addition, 3 medical stations were provided by BTL Romania. They carried out more than 500 ECG tests for the detection of sudden death syndrome, and medical aesthetic sessions. The Red Cross offered first aid and resuscitation courses for 100 children and adults, while the Leventer Foundation provided tests for skin cancer.

Last but not least, the Telekom Romania Foundation supported two charitable causes throughout the event: 40 families without income from Giurgiu County received non-perishable food and the Casa Speranţei Hospice for children and adults with incurable diseases received financial donations gathered through the "Sport is good" cross, part of "The Biggest Hour of Sport" event in Brașov.

Telekom Romania supported the third edition of the Brasov International Marathon
In May 2017, Telekom Romania organized the Brasov International Marathon as part of the “Sport Is Good” campaign. More than 2,600 national and international runners of all ages competed in the marathon (+26% more than in 2016).

  • Over 100 runners from 21 foreign countries (+ approximately 100% compared with2016)
  • Approximately 300 volunteers in the organizing team
  • Final accreditation from AIMS (Association of International Marathons), two years in advance
  • Ranked 13th place in the top 20 best city sightseeing races in the world according to Culture Trip
  • More than 100 runners from Telekom – 1st place for “The biggest running team”
  • 4,500 euros raised by the Telekom Romania Foundation from registration fees to support therapy for children with incurable diseases
  • Fundraising for a colleague in need of surgery: approximately 5,200 euros collected in a single week by 22 Telekom runners through a donation platform and by 1 Telekom employee offering photo sessions at the company

In 2017, the company also supported Tennis Club Al-Body Sporting Association Support in order to offer employees’ children free introductory training sessions for tennis. The aim is to attract children to sporting activities. This partnership also enables employees to enjoy free tennis matches at weekends.

Further involvement of the company in sports entailed supporting 4 junior hockey teams and facilitating access by the selected junior teams to the Telekom Arena skating rink.

Telekom Romania Foundation

The Telekom Romania Foundation is the link between Telekom Romania and the communities where the company operates. The aim is to support people in special situations, social causes, children and adults diagnosed with serious illnesses, talented young students, and campaigns requesting humanitarian aid when natural disasters occur.

At the beginning of the year, when Romania experienced heavy snowfalls, the Foundation joined forces with volunteers from Telekom to distribute 200 tons of firewood, 1200 kg of food and 200 blankets to 100 families in 2 poor counties in Romania. In September, this campaign was repeated with the money collected at the “Sports is good” cross in Brasov organized by Telekom Romania.

In 2017, the Telekom Foundation made 20 donations for children and adults suffering from severe illnesses.

At the Brasov International Marathon, the Telekom Romania Foundation chose 2 social causes to support with the registration fees collected at the events and an online fundraising platform. 5,000 euros were donated to a colleague urgently in need of surgery, and over 4,500 euros for 250 free home-care sessions for children and adults with severe diseases.

In December, the Foundation rolled out a humanitarian campaign for donating non-perishable food and firewood to vulnerable elderly people from Milcoveni, Corbu village, Olt. The village has experienced floods and massive snowfalls over the past few years.

Telekom Romania Foundation offered professional counseling for students in line with its accreditation
Students from the Faculty of Electronics, Engineering in Foreign Languages, Automation and Agronomy received support from the Telekom Romania Foundation that enabled them to enroll in the "Psychology at the Workplace" program. This helped them identify a job to suit their professional training, and prepare for the demands of the working world.

The Foundation also started a scholarship program for students with outstanding school results coming from disadvantaged families in Dolj County. In addition to the scholarships, the Foundation offered professional counseling with the Foundation’s student psychotherapist. The aim is to encourage students not to drop out of school even if they are experiencing difficult circumstances.

As an accredited provider of entrepreneurship programs, the Foundation organized a dedicated course to develop entrepreneurship and managerial skills for 30 Telekom employees in December 2017.

At the end of the year, the Foundation also offered the Grigore Alexandrescu Pediatric Hospital all the equipment and an ITC solution to manage patients on the Surgery and Orthopedics wards more efficiently.

Corporate citizenship

As part of our corporate responsibility, we aim to act as a good corporate citizen. We have therefore been rolling out a number of different activities ranging from support for NGOs in relevant CR areas, through funding for students with scholarships, to corporate volunteering. In 2017, 726 volunteers engaged in 19 corporate citizenship projects and we provided EUR 805,780 for communities with 172,796 beneficiaries through over 72 partnerships with NGOs, educational institutions and hospitals. was launched in 2014 and now focusses on identifying needs in communities where new information technologies bring benefits in the fields of education, health, environment, innovation, development, and social protection. The aim is to identify partners that are promoting beneficial applications of IT&C technologies in Romanian communities.

In 2017, 10 projects were implemented through 10 NGO partners:

  1. "Virtual Children's Integration and Social Interaction (Children's School, Kindergarten) - Oculus Rift" - a project realized with the support of the Black Sea Therapy Association for Autism in partnership with the Constanta County School Inspectorate, which aims to achieve virtual environments that association specialists present to children with autism and they can interact with them.
  2. "Designing the multifunctional hall in the Darko Jeno Secondary School in Dalnic" operated by the Step by Step Parents’ Association - the project aims to set up a multifunctional hall at the school by purchasing laptops, an interactive whiteboard, software, and multifunctional printer so that students can use technology to access interactive lessons.
  3. Edulier - the online community support platform for children with specific learning disabilities (TSI) - The Edulier Association in partnership with the Fairy Carpet Association provides a platform to facilitate the direct link between parents of children with TSIs and specialist doctors' surgeries at county level, local NGOs and teachers, for more efficient access to specialized services.
  4. "Wildlife Help" - Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity in partnership with the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation - ACDB has developed a project that aims to strengthen the capacity for intervening and rescuing wild animals in difficulty by using innovative online monitoring systems, post-rehabilitation monitoring, and community involvement in localization and information activities.
  5. "MIRA Play Therapy for People with Neuromotor Disabilities" through the Maltese Help Service Association in Romania in partnership with the DOG ASSIST Association. The aim of the project is to develop recovery and rehabilitation services for children with severe neuromotor disabilities so that they acquire the personal autonomy necessary for integration with the help of MIRA medical software.
  6. "My Voice My Space" - The Children's Phone Association in partnership with the IGPR (General Inspectorate for Child Protection) and the Ministry of National Education and Research aim to develop and implement a mobile application dedicated to children and adolescents, enabling them to register, get useful information, and contact the Children's Phone Specialists by phone in dangerous situations.
  7. "Sensory room for long-term hospitalized babies" - The project of the One and One Association was developed in partnership with hospitals offering second and third degree therapy in the country. It is the first complementary and integrative therapy project for hospitalized infants provided by a third-degree intensive care unit in Romania. The use of complementary therapies, such as music therapy and light therapy, can help newborns with problems at birth to conserve energy and improve weight, sleep, and medical recovery.
  8. "Tourist connectivity through the development of a mobile application in the Transylvanian Hills" – The WWF Association for the Danube Carpathians Program Romania in partnership with the Mioritics Association aim to provide relevant information for tourists about the Transylvanian hill area in a contemporary and interactive way. Furthermore, it enables tourists to get involved in prioritizing the objectives from their perspective. This contributes to continuous monitoring and development in this area.
  9. "Virtual meetings for my future" - The PACT Foundation in partnership with the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation, the Bumbeşti-Jiu Partnership Development Association and the Filiaşi Initiative Group address the difficulty experienced by young people from small communities in connecting with mentors who can motivate and guide them in their personal and professional lives. The project encourages virtual encounters, which give young people the opportunity to investigate different occupational domains, to reflect on their own preferences, and to establish concrete objectives with the help of the mentors involved in the project.
  10. "Internet at the Village" - The project Merci Charity Boutique, in partnership with nurseries and schools in Gogan, Bernadea and Daia, aims to set up three computer labs in these villages for 118 pre-school and 0-8 grade students. The objectives of the project are development of writing, reading, arithmetic, and knowledge of general culture through the use of educational software during school hours, developing computer skills for students and teachers in the three schools, and developing children's artistic abilities using the computer.
  11. In 2017, we also started a search for 10 communities to be equipped with the latest IT&C technologies including hardware, digital learning tools, and a digital catalogue. Moreover, we are planning to provide children with CoderDojo-style programming courses and digital literacy workshops for adults.

Support for medical institutions and initiatives assisting children
Telekom Romania has been cooperating with the Telekom Romania Foundation and the P.A.V.E.L. Association accompanied by Santa Claus to spread joy among children with cancer for the 9th consecutive year at Christmas. The volunteers of the two organizations shared fruits, sweets, and gifts with a total of 220 patients at the pediatric oncology and hematology departments of the Oncological Institute Prof. Dr. Al. Trestioreanu, Fundeni Clinical Institute, M. Curie Children Emergency Hospital and Prof. Dr. Grigore Alexandrescu Emergency Hospital for Children.

Santa also brought gifts for 100 children (cancer patients, children who have suffered serious burns, but also those who have lost someone dear to them and are in need of psychological support) from the MagiCAMP Association.

Over the Christmas period in 2017, we also offered financial support for the "E.G.A.L." day centers in Botosani, Craiova and Lupeni. 150 children and young people from low-income families and disadvantaged areas are to receive a hot meal every day, help with homework and life skills development sessions, to improve children's attendance, grades and general status at school.

On 26, 30 and 31 January, 2017, Telekom Romania in partnership with the Telekom Romania Foundation and the Red Cross organized a campaign distributing goods to people affected by heavy snowfall in Giurgiu, Calarasi and Ialomita counties. Telekom Romania’s employees and volunteers from the Red Cross distributed firewood, non-perishable food and sleeping bags to 100 families.

Telekom Romania started a partnership with the Regina Maria CMU Foundation in order to support social medicine at the two polyclinics of the foundation offering free medical services or at very low cost to patients without any income or on a low income. As part of this partnership, the Telekom Romania Foundation will offer vulnerable people free medical services at one of the policlinics.

In December, the Telekom Romania Foundation supported the first Climbing Center in Europe specifically for blind children and young people. It is intended to offer therapy sessions for developing independent life skills and reintegrating them in the society.

The company also supported the “Oncological Patients’ Navigator” program developed by the Association for the Prevention and Fight against Cancer - Amazonia within Bucharest Oncological Institute and St. Mary’s Clinical Hospital. The program accepts patients and accompanies them throughout the treatment, surgical intervention, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. The association will offer sessions involving psychological counseling for patients and their relatives. It also organizes the seminar “A life lesson” – what you need to know when you feel threatened by the word ‘cancer’ – which is held in rural areas, within institutions, and in organizations.

This year, Telekom Romania continued to support the Program of Prevention and Early Detection of Breast and Cervical Cancer Disease. This was the 16th year of partnership with the Renasterea Foundation. This partnership enables women working in Telekom Romania to benefit from free consultations, ultrasound scans, and mammography.

10 Telekom Scholarships
In 2017, Telekom Romania again granted ten scholarships each worth 11,250 lei (equivalent to more than € 2,500) to young people with outstanding academic results. In addition to the scholarships, we also offered five special awards consisting of a Samsung Galaxy tablet to five students. Since 2002, Telekom Romania has developed several initiatives to support talented and ambitious young students in laying the foundations for a successful career in the future. So far, more than a 100 young people have received support.

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business Areas and market share  

The OTE Group is the largest telecommunications provider in the Greek market. Together with its subsidiaries, the Group forms one of the leading telecommunications groups in South-Eastern Europe. The Group offers the full range of telecommunications services from fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband services, to pay television, and ICT img solutions. In addition to its core telecommunications activities, the Group in Greece is also involved in maritime communications, real estate, and professional training. Outside Greece, the Group operates in the telecommunications markets of Romania where it offers fixed-line and mobile communications, and television services. In Albania, the Group supplies mobile telephony services.

Number of customers  


  • Access line connections (incl. WLR): 2,647,813:
  • Active Broadband retail subscribers: 1,759,752
  • COSMOTE TV Subscribers (IPTV & Satellite): 524,770
  • Mobile subscribers: 7,981,236


  • Voice Telephony Lines: 2,098,052
  • Broadband subscribers: 1,180,192
  • TV subscribers (DTH, IPTV & Cable): 1,470,341
  • Mobile subscribers: 4,748,905


  • Mobile subscribers: 1,941,324
Number of employees  

Fixed line operations, Greece: 8,470
Mobile operations, Greece: 2,000
Fixed line operations, Romania: 4,542
Mobile operations, Romania: 1,831
Mobile operations Albania: 385

Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2008

Telekom Romania
Within the framework of an ISO 9001-based Integrated Management System, the following certifications have been achieved at Telekom Romania.

Telekom Romania Communications and Telekom Romania Mobile Communications

  • ISO 9001: 2015| Quality Management System –  Requirements
  • ISO 14001: 2004|  Environmental Management System – Requirements with guidance for use
  • ISO 18001: 2007| Health & Safety Management System –  Requirements
  • ISO 27001: 2013| Information Technology – Security Techniques –  Information Security Management System - Requirements
  • ISO 22301: 2012| Business Continuity Management System – Requirements
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1: 2011| Information Technology Service  Management System
  • ISO 31000 : 2009| Risk Management System – Principles and Guidelines (attestation)
  • ISO 37001:2016| Anti-bribery Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use
  • ISO 19600:2014| Compliance Management Systems - Guidelines

Telekom Romania Communications

  • Compliance Anti-Corruption according to IDW PS 980 standard
  • Compliance Anti-Trust Certification according to AssS 980standard
Please refer to the internet for further information 
Local CR reports  

Telekom Romania has released the Corporate Responsibility Report for 2016, the second yearly report mirroring the companies’ efforts and achievements in contributing to the formation of a knowledge-based society, in which companies and communities exchange information and build their capabilities based on it, and many more.

Telekom Romania’ 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report mirrors the group of companies’ achievements in order to transform them into more sustainable businesses; numerous social projects supporting people in distress and large public events aiming at promoting a healthy lifestyle; amongst achievements, a 12% decrease in CO2 emissions and a 5% lower electricity consumption compared to 2015.