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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

T-Systems CIS & RUS

Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Alexey Toskin, CEO T-Systems CIS und T-Systems Russia

T-Systems Russia views social responsibility as a way to involve employees in ethical behavior. As a part of development for corporate responsibility, T-Systems Russia encourages employee participation in local charity events like donor day and charity marathon races.

We regularly organize joint events with charity centers such as ad vita so as to involve our employees in charity work. We support worldwide Bike to Work initiatives too.

Alexey Toskin, CEO T-Systems CIS & T-Systems Russia


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Virtual “Thank You” Tool delivers undoubted benefits

Updated Intranet is a social motivational system designed to facilitate team communication, create a sense of unity among employees and introduce more positive emotions into routine work every day. The system is based on a social network interface and is known as “Intra”. It includes game tools to enhance employees’ loyalty, engagement, and motivation. The basic game tool is a virtual currency – Megabyte (Mb). Managers and employees can use this currency to thank each other for much appreciated behavior. Mb is like a virtual "thank you" which works in the following ways:

  • Provides feedback and therefore motivates employees to work more efficiently
  • Encourages ethical behavior by employees
  • Provides public recognition of merits and greater job satisfaction
  • Enhances the image of a diligent and fair team leader
  • Fosters a culture of mutual gratitude and promotion

The employees who are most assiduous in adopting the Guiding Principles can spend their “thank you” in the T-Store and buy corporate souvenirs or purchase tickets for museums, excursions, or other cultural events. Our T-Store is open three times a year for purchasing corporate gifts like coffee mugs, t-shirts, and notepads. In 2017, 372 500 Mb were spent in the T-Store and an average of 223 people used Intra proactively every day.

Alongside enhanced employee loyalty and engagement, Intra also facilitates exchange of experience, knowledge, and ideas.

Charity Campaign

T-Systems Russia is usually involved in a wide range of charity activities. The company is proud to focus on maximizing impact for its charity partners by delivering strategic and value-added support. It empowers these partners to address key organizational challenges. The charity campaign at T-Systems Russia is not simply about raising funds. Over the course of a year, it provides charity partners time, expertise and support through volunteering to create sustainable solutions to community needs.

Our activities for the Donating and Volunteering Program in 2017 included:

  1. Blood donations at the office: We donate blood twice a year. In 2017, around 110 employees gave blood.
  2. Charity boxes for Christmas: During the Christmas period, we gave donations to charity boxes for people in need. We set up 3 charity boxes (2 in St. Petersburg, 1 in Voronezh) and the total amount collected was RUB 112 990 (EUR 1 630).

Everyone who made a donation to the charity box received raffle tickets (RUB 100 = 1 ticket). The ticket holders were then entered in the Charity lottery. The lottery was held at the Christmas Fair on 18 December. A total of some 700 tickets were purchased. The money collected is being sent to charities for children with cancer (AdVita Fund). Some of the souvenirs were designed by the children from the charities supported.

  1. Charity marathon. The charity marathon provided support for children from vulnerable families. The charity marathon fund "Lush life" organized the marathon. In 2017, 15 employees of T-Systems participated in the event for a small entry charge and all the money collected was transferred to the fund’s account. 

Improving the Work-life Balance of our Employees

The aim of T-Systems Russia is to increase loyalty and employee satisfaction by improving the work-life balance of its employees. In 2017, our staff members attended training sessions for football (35 participants in St. Petersburg and Voronezh), volleyball (15 participants), and badminton (15 participants). They took part in sports competitions and succeeded in winning prizes in Telekom sports tournaments.

We also hosted the IT Championship attended by more than 60 employees. The games played during this event were: IT Match Point, IT Brain Battle, IT Ball, IT Kicker, IT Bike, IT Run, IT Chess, and IT Goal.

Testathon at T-Systems Russia

On 7 and 8 September, the First Testathon was arranged in Russia. This event brought together colleagues from St. Petersburg and Voronezh to test the local applications T-vacation and T-Hire which were developed locally by our colleagues for internal needs. Altogether 4 teams took part in this testing marathon.

On the second day of the event the teams held presentations about their work for the panel of judges which consisted of Natalia Leonova (Team Lead), Maria Afanaseva (Test Expert), German Vargin (Senior Test Expert), Andrey Pavlov (Team Lead) and Sergey Lukin (Senior Architect).

In their presentations, the teams spoke about the applications which they tested, the team roles, test methods and final results. Each team received an award because there were four nominations: “The funniest team”, “The most constructive team”, “The best team work” and “The best team”. There were also some awards for individuals: “The very first bug” was given to Safronova Olesia, “The most impressive presentation” was bestowed on Alexandr Komkov and the prize “For process arrangement” was granted to Anna Anokhina.

We would like to thank all the teams for their participation. Special gratitude also goes to Robert Aksenov and Anastasia Novikova for perfect event organization. 

Guiding Principles Day in T-Systems

On Thursday 28 September, the traditional Guiding Principles Day was held at our company. This day gave everybody an opportunity to thank their colleagues for help, support, and excellent work.

This year we focused on "Best place to perform and grow" as one of the Corporate Principles. In addition, everyone could say "Thank you" to a colleague for:

  • Making the company better;
  • Active self-development;
  • Helping others to become better.

Colleagues wrote down their thanks on special stickers and attached them to the pin boards for everyone to see. This year, employees in the international divisions of T-Systems also shared their thoughts about why they are proud of our company, and our colleagues are no exception.

See the details on our YouTube channel.

At 3 p.m. management traditionally offered all colleagues coffee and desserts to provide a relaxing end to the event.

The medical check-up

In 2017, all employees were given an opportunity to have a preventive medical check-up throughout the year. It included checks by the specialists listed below (Neurologist, Ophthalmologist, Cardiologist, and others).

A total of 1074 employees attended the medical check-up in 2017.

305 employees were vaccinated in the fall of 2017 (voluntarily).

The doctor in the office is still available every Tuesday from 11 a.m. until 3.00 p.m. for a consultation. Between 15 and 20 employees are given check-ups each week.

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business Areas and market share   T-Systems Russia provides software services (design, development, testing, user helpdesk and maintenance). We also develop complex projects for international companies like T-Mobile, Daimler, Volkswagen, DHL, and others.
Number of customers   > 300
Number of employees   > 1,100
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   1995
Certifications   ISO 9001: 2015 ISO 20000: 2011 ISO 27001: 2013 ISO 14001: 2004 OHSAS 18001 img: 2007
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