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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

T-Systems Iberia

Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Osmar Polo, Managing Director T-Systems Iberia

At T-Systems Iberia we have been implementing our Corporate Responsibility policy since 2009, and we have assigned it a fundamental role in the company's strategy ever since.

We monitor our development while keeping both objectives in mind: the business objective, and the responsibility towards the society we live in. This is possible thanks to the set of measures that we implement in our daily activity and in the relationship with our stakeholders. A good example is the philosophy underpinning our solutions and services. We believe that a joined-up society is much more dynamic and flexible, efficient and responsible with its use of energy. As a consequence, our activity exerts a direct positive impact on the environment.

Our commitment to Corporate Responsibility drives us to improve our performance and to devise solutions and services. This policy will help us to consolidate our benchmark within the sector and to place our services permanently at the forefront of the IT market.

Osmar Polo, Managing Director T-Systems Iberia


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Sale and Reuse of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Since 2012, T-Systems Iberia has been handing over redundant electrical and electronic equipment to Kapema, a company committed to refurbishing and reselling this type of equipment. Employees at T-Systems are given top priority for the resale of any equipment. This scheme has greatly reduced the amount of electrical and electronic waste generated. During 2017, 543 laptops and 96 desktops were sold. This has exerted a significant impact as a result of reducing emissions from devices by 2,844 kg.

Environmental Management Program

We carry out various activities to improve our environmental performance through our Environmental Management Program 2017:

Environmental Awareness:

  • Environmental operational communication and adaptation in conformity with ISO 14001: 2015 (passed external audit carried out by Dekra in November 2017, pending certificates)
  • New operational definition of EED (Electrical and Electronic Devices) and compliance with the Recyclia environmental platform to ensure regulatory compliance.

Reduction of emissions:

  • As a result of changing the energy source for air conditioning to Districlima, energy consumption has been reduced by 6% at our headquarters.
  • The old lighting system has been replaced with LED technology at our headquarters. This has resulted in a reduction in energy consumption of 32,000 kWh.
  • Vehicle fleet: As a result of communication initiatives to promote efficient driving and a reduction in the number of company vehicles (12), we have achieved a 10% decrease in fuel consumption.

Employee Review 2017

In 2017, company culture was a major strategic target for T-Systems Iberia with the aim of improving alignment between our strategy and values. A robust effort to improve communication across the company resulted in the collection of 100+ ideas for improvement. Some of these ideas were implemented immediately and roll-out for others is planned for 2018. The results driven by this focus on improving the company culture were revealed during the second Pulse Survey (November, 2017), where most categories showed double-digit improvements compared to the previous survey.  A comparable approach was adopted when similar efforts were also translated into a revitalized attitude toward Social Responsibility. Some of the highlights relating to this topic were as follows:

  • Support for Fundación Aura which promotes social inclusion and integration in the labor market of people with Down Syndrome.
  • Collection of toys for children in need during the 2017 holiday season in cooperation with the Red Cross.
  • Certification as a Socially Responsible Company awarded to T-Systems Iberia until 2018 by the Fundación Alares and Fundación para la Diversidad.

Moreover, T-Systems Iberia dedicated additional resources to employee wellbeing in 2017. This included supporting programs for a healthier lifestyle, such as races sponsored by the company and training sessions for back care, and releasing a revised protocol to fight harassment at work.

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business Areas and market share   T-Systems Iberia has been operating throughout the Peninsula for 15 years. It has a profile as a trusted ICT img partner to carry out essential digital transformation of companies owing to the company’s position as the leading cloud provider in Spain. It delivers end-to-end solutions and has the largest modular CPD in Europe located at Cerdanyola del Valles (Barcelona), with maximum security standards.
Number of customers   700
Number of employees   2,500
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2001
Certifications   ISO 14001
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