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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Awards and certificates

Strategy and management
Deutsche Telekom AG
For its uniform sustainability management, Deutsche Telekom won the German Sustainability Prize in December of 2017.
Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis
Deutsche Telekom AG
PHonored with the Building Public Trust Award from auditing company PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for exemplary reporting as best company in the "SDGs" (Sustainable Development Goals) category for the 2016 Annual Report
Deutsche Telekom AG
Named one of 2018 World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute
Deutsche Telekom AG
Telecom industry winner in the oekom Corporate Responsibility Review 2017
oekom research
Deutsche Telekom AG
Winner in two categories at the Econ Awards 2017.
  • We received the Platinum Award for the third time in a row, this time for our 2016 CR Report.
  • We received the Silver for the "Standing by our convictions" CR brochure, as part of our integrated corporate communication.
Econ Award 2017
Deutsche Telekom received the Extel award "Leading Investor Relations Team in Europe" for the fourth time in a row. Other Extel awards in 2017:
  • European ranking for all industries:
    #1 Overall, #3 Professional, #1 CEO, #1 CFO
  • German ranking for all industries:
    #1 Overall, #3 Professional #1 CEO, #1 CFO,
  • Ranking for the telecom industry:
    #1 Overall, #1 Professional #1 CEO, #3 CFO
Leading Investor Relations Team in Europe
Institutional Investor: "Most Honoured company"
Deutsche Telekom was selected the winner in all categories for this year's ranking by trade journal Institutional Investor in the area of All-Europe Executive Team.
Deutsche Telekom AG
German Investor Relations Prize 2016:
1st place: IR Performance (DAX30)
3rd place: IR Professionals (DAX30)
Deutsche Telekom AG
IR Magazine Award: No. 1 in the telecom industry
Inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) 2018, which measures gender equality in the areas of internal company statistics, employee policy, external support and social commitment, and gender-conscious product offerings. Inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) 2018
Deutsche Telekom AG
TÜV Rheinland: rating of "good" for Deutsche Telekom customer service
TÜV Rheinland
Deutsche Telekom AG
Deutschland Test 2017: Best Online Service
Bester Online-Service
Deutsche Telekom AG
Deutschland Test 2017: Best Service App
Beste Service-App
Deutsche Telekom AG
Deutschland Test 2017: Service King
Deutsche Telekom AG
TÜV NORD confirms that Deutsche Telekom offers the best mobile communications quality in the categories Call Connection, Call Stability and Call Quality.
Deutsche Telekom AG
Deutsche Telekom receives multiple awards as best mobile communications operator with an overall grade of 1.9 (good).
Deutsche Telekom AG
Several first places in the 2017 Connect reader survey (edition: 7/2017)
Deutsche Telekom AG
First place in the "Mobile Communications Networks" category of the Car Connectivity Award.
Deutsche Telekom AG
CHIP (edition 1/2018): Winner in the "Mobile Internet", "Telephony" and "Availability" categories and overall winner with a grade of 1.4.
Deutsche Telekom AG
A rating of "very good" in the Connect mobile communications test 2018
Three Comenius EduMedia Seals presented by the scientific association Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information (GPI) (Society for Education and Information) for Teachtoday: The entire initiative was recognized in the "Didactic Multimedia Products" category, the obstacle course in the "Computer Games That Encourage Competence" category and Scroller magazine in the "General Multimedia Products" category.
Media magazine “Scroller”
Our media magazine “Scroller” was also recommended by Stiftung Lesen, the German Reading Foundation, to promote safe, competent media use.
Stiftung Lesen
Handbook Germany
Handbook Germany was recognized at the Film Festival Cologne by the MEDIA & MIGRATION NRW 2017 project in the "Best Commitment by an Initiative/Institution" category.
Deutsche Telekom AG
For its commitment to supporting millions of Syrian refugees, the GSM img Association recognized Deutsche Telekom with the GLOMO Award 2017in the "Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry" category.
Deutsche Telekom AG
Named Best Training Provider in Germany 2017 by "Capital" magazine. Deutsche Telekom received the highest marks for both its vocational training and its cooperative study program.
Beste Ausbilder Deutschlands
Deutsche Telekom Services GmbH
Deutsche Telekom Services GmbH received Gold at the Pillar World Awards 2017 for the "Time-to-Change" project in the "Employer of the Year" category and silver in the "Best Products & Services of the Year” category.
Pillar World Awards
Deutsche Telekom Services GmbH
Gold for the “Time-to-Change" project in the "Human Resources Achievement of the Year" category and Silver for "IT-based solution self-service for job references” in the "New Products and Services from All Over the World" category by the Golden Bridge Awards 2017:
Golden Bridge Awards
Deutsche Telekom AG
Ideas Management Award 2017 bestowed by the German Institute for Ideas and Innovation Management:
Second place in the "Best Idea 2017 from Production and Technology" category and third place in the "Best Idea 2017 from Management and Administration" category (one employee idea for each category).
Ideenmanagement-Award 2017
Deutsche Telekom AG
First place Female Recruiting Award 2017
Female Recruiting Award 2017
Deutsche Telekom AG
Online Talent Communication Study 2017: second place for the four examined online channels of Career Website, Online Job Solicitation, Social Media Appearances and Mobile Career Website.
Online Talent Communication
Deutsche Telekom AG
Deutsche Telekom is awarded first place for the Telekom Team Recruiting Website in the Career Website category by HR Excellence Award 2017.
Deutsche Telekom Services Europe is awarded third place for "FEA Robot on Track for Digitalization" in the "Work 4.0" category.
HR Excellence Awards 2017
Deutsche Telekom AG
German Business Award in Health: Receipt of the Excellence Seal for Deutsche Telekom's integrated company health management and recognition of the "Active Workplace" project with the "Innovative Company Health Promotion Activities" special prize.
German Business Award in Health
German Business Award in Health Innovativ
Deutsche Telekom AG
First place: Corporate Health Award 2017 in the "Service Provision, IT and Communication" category for the fourth time.
Corporate Health Award 2017
Makedonski Telekom
Gold Award for outstanding performance in company health management by the Macedonian National Society for Work Safety.
Macedonian National Society for Work Safety
T-Systems Singapore
T-Systems Singapore was honored in the "Managing Health at Work" category at the Asia Best Employer Award 2017.
Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2017
T-Systems Singapore
Singapore Health Award 2017: T-Systems Singapore won the Corporate Merit Award
Singapore Health Award
Deutsche Telekom AG
CDP img A list in Supplier Program category
Supplier Program
Climate and environment
Deutsche Telekom AG
CDP A list (climate protection ranking)
Deutsche Telekom 2017
In the year 2017, Deutsche Telekom made it into the final round in the CO2 Avoidance as a Contribution to Climate Protection category.