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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Total CO2 emissions (Scope 3) Deutsche Telekom in Europe*

The majority of our total emissions can be classified as Scope 3 emissions img. This includes emissions generated along the value chain ‘upstream’ by the supply chain, business trips, commuting or ‘downstream’ by the use of products and services through customers. The chart shows Scope 3 emissions from 2015 - 2017, clustered by emission source. In 2017, upstream emission represented approximately 43% of Scope 3 emissions whereas downstream emissions accounted for about 57%. The basic data used to calculate Scope 3 emissions is covered in the benchmarking tool. You will find more information on recording Scope 3 emissions along the value chain here.

Reporting against standards

By reporting this data, we fully cover the GRI 305-3 (Other indirect GHG emissions) and the E02-01 (Total Scope 1-3 greenhouse gas emissions) EFFAS indicator. This data is also relevant for criteria 11 and 12 (Usage of natural resources) and 13 (GHG emissions) of the German Sustainability Code. It is also used for reporting on the Global Compact  principles 7 (Precautionary approach) and 8 (Promoting environmental responsibility).