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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Material aspects matched with GRI aspects

The following overview indicates which GRI aspects can be matched with the material areas of the stakeholder survey.

# Material aspects     GRI aspects    Management approach
1 Data security   Customer privacy   Protecting consumers and minors
2 Privacy   Customer privacy  

Ensuring effective data privacy

3 Service quality   Stakeholder engagement   Ensuring excellent service quality
4 Cyber safety   Customer privacy  

Protecting ourselves and our customers

5 ICT img solutions for a low-carbon economy  

Products and services

  Developing sustainable products and services

Talent acquisition, employee retention, development and staff reduction


Employment, training and education


Preparing ourselves for the digital working world

7 Employee involvement  

Labor/management relations

Freedom of association and collective bargaining


Shaping change at the company

How we protect human rights

8 Climate change mitigation  



  Protecting the climate
9 ICT and child safety   Customer health and safety   Protecting consumers and minors
10 Socially relevant application of ICT products and services   Products and services   Developing sustainable products and services
11 Network expansion   Indirect economic impacts   Expanding our infrastructure
12 Transparency and reporting  

Identified material aspects and boundaries

Report profile

13 Ethical business practices and compliance  

Socioeconomic compliance


  Ensuring integrity and compliance
14 Supply chain labor standards  

Procurement practices

Forced or compulsory labor

Supplier social assessment


Improving sustainability in the supply chain

How we protect human rights

Managing sustainability in procurement processes

Ensuring integrity and compliance

15 Employee health, safety and wellness   Occupational health and safety   Promoting the health of our workforce
16 Inclusion of stakeholders   Stakeholder engagement  

Fostering stakeholder engagement

17 Employee diversity and anti-discrimination  


Diversity and equal opportunity


How we protect human rights

Supporting diversity