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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Protecting the open Internet

As part of the EU Telecoms Package, regulations on network neutrality were adopted at the EU level and went into effect on April 30, 2016. The new regulations particularly address permitted traffic management, once again raise transparency requirements and limit commercial product and service differentiation on the Internet.

Deutsche Telekom remains committed to preserving an open Internet. Content and services will continue to be available online in accordance with the best effort principle, meaning they will be available to the extent permitted by the available resources. Deutsche Telekom will continue to expand and optimize its infrastructure so that we are able to cope with rapidly increasing amounts of data traffic and constantly upgrade our network. This is the only way for us to meet our customers' increasing demands and live up to the requirements of online content and application providers who also want to provide their services in high quality in the future. However, telecommunication networks cannot be operated without an effective network management system.

Building on the best effort Internet, Deutsche Telekom is developing an innovative network architecture – so-called 5G networks – which can better and more flexibly meet the various transmission quality requirements of the various services. We thereby fulfill business and regulatory requirements and enable innovation in the services we offer on our networks. Content will in no way be controlled, however. Deutsche Telekom supports Internet freedom and does not influence user or provider content in any way. Deutsche Telekom will continue to take a non-discriminatory approach to marketing services with different quality-of-service levels in competition with other network operators. This gives consumers greater choice and guarantees a high quality level.