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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Switch to IP technology advances

Thanks to IP img technology, phone calls are no longer transmitted via analog channels or using ISDN img technology but in the form of data packets over the secure Deutsche Telekom network, a method that has been the standard in online and mobile communications services for some time now. The switch to IP-based lines is the basis for faster Internet connections. At the same time, energy use with IP technology is considerably lower than with the network technology previously used. The switch therefore also helps us decrease our CO2 emissions

By the end of 2017 we had switched about 16.5 million lines in Germany, that is around 69 percent, to IP. We continue to convert about 70,000 connections every week. After placing our focus on consumer lines for some time, we began increasingly focusing on business customers in 2016. The IP rate for business customer lines was significantly more than 50 percent by the end of 2017. Thanks to the use of IP-based vectoring technology, 3.5 million households in almost 50 cities could surf the Internet with up to 100 MBit/s by the end of 2017.

In the other EU countries we also increased the number of IP lines. In Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovakia, all lines have already been switched to IP. Hungary followed at the end of 2017. The plan is to complete the switch in Greece and Romania by 2018.