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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Rapid entry into the Smart Home business

We want to make it easy for companies – such as those in the telecommunications or energy sector – to expand their core business with a Smart Home offer. To this end, we developed a special white label portfolio. It combines our open and secure Smart Home platform Qivicon, Smart Home gateways, apps, devices and services, based on which companies can offer Smart Home solutions to their customers. Business customers also have the option of offering our white label app under their own brand and customizing it. Consumers can easily and conveniently control the devices in their connected home using the app.

Our contribution to the SDGs

QIVICON – Our smart home platform
A smart home can make life easier for its occupants in many ways, allowing them to control and monitor various devices remotely – from security systems and home appliances to home electronics. Of course, one big challenge remains, in that a provider's smart home solution is often not compatible with the functions and devices of other manufacturers. That is why we have jointly set up the open, manufacturer-independent smart home platform QIVICON. This platform gives consumers the option to combine devices made by different companies. More than 40 partner companies and brands currently offer their solutions on the platform.

In 2017 we added solutions with Volkswagen and the ERGO Versicherung insurance company, among others. Volkswagen owners can control their smart home directly using their car's infotainment system. And the ERGO emergency service will automatically initiate the necessary measures in case of an emergency, such as a water pipe breaking, if the customer does not respond to the system's notification.

We were also able to further increase the number of devices that are compatible with the platform during the reporting period. Products by the companies Centralite and Sengled will give consumers a better selection of security and illumination options in the future. Even today our customers can choose from among more than 200 different smart home devices.

Security and data protection at QIVICON All communication via the QIVICON Home Base, which is connected to the Internet via servers, is encrypted. Any user data related to QIVICON is stored exclusively on our servers in Germany. All devices made by brands managed via QIVICON employ wireless technology based on state-of-the art security functions.

The Smart Home solution received ISO 9001 certification – the most widespread and most important quality management standard – during the reporting period. In addition, we commissioned the testing institute AV-TEST GmbH to check, for the third time, how secure the Qivicon Smart Home platform and the Magenta Smart Home app are. Once again, the rating was "very good protection".

Open platform
As a member of the Eclipse Foundation, one of the largest international open source communities, we are opening up the Qivicon platform to developers and start-ups. They will be able to use the platform to develop their own innovative smart home ideas.

Best Smart Home Network
We received the Best Smart Home Network award at the Broadband World Forum 2017. This award honors our smart home end-to-end solution and the hardware integration. Since September some 200,000 customers received a free upgrade for their Speedport smart routers. By integrating the smart home functionalities into the router, they can convert their own four walls into an intelligent home.