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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Protecting resources with cloud computing

With cloud computing, our customers no longer need to be bothered with their own servers and storage media. In most cases, cloud computing is more resource and energy-efficient than running your own infrastructure outside of the cloud. Our data centers require up to 80 percent less energy thanks to more effective capacity utilization and less hardware. We also continue to work on further improving the efficiency of our data centers.

The cloud for the public sector
For companies that want to convert their systems to cloud solutions, T-Systems offers a program called The Cloudifier. We analyze the customer's IT landscape and identify which applications can be transferred to the cloud. Building on this, we developed the Cloudifier4Public in 2017 – a service with which T-Systems designs and implements customized cloud strategies for the public sector in Germany. Advice is tailored to the objectives and particulars of German public administration. There are clear framework conditions in place for the development of cloud architectures with regard to data protection and information security, safeguarding of statutory tasks and compliance with legal framework conditions.