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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Product certifications: demonstrably sustainable

Sustainable products are a key factor in competition for us. In order to inform our customers about the sustainability benefits of our products, we rely on recognized ecolabels, such as the Blue Angel in Germany. The majority of fixed-line phones and some media receivers boast the Blue Angel label. In 2017 the Media Receiver Entry and the Media Receiver 201 also received the Blue Angel. End devices certified with this ecolabel also contain information for customers as to how the products can be used in an energy-efficient manner. In addition to the Blue Angel, we have also increasingly been using the TÜV Green Product Label. This label exceeds the Blue Angel criteria in ways such as requiring inspections of working conditions at production sites. A number of our routers, including the Speedport Neo, have already been certified by the TÜV Green Product Label.In addition to ecological criteria, TÜV Green Product Label also provides for a review of working conditions in production plants.

The labels not only serve as information for our customers, however. Their strict requirements also help us see how we can further improve our products.

Cornelia Szyszkowitz

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Cornelia Szyszkowitz