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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Supporting start-ups: creating space for ideas

hub:raum start-up incubator We have been running our own start-up incubator in Berlin, Cracow and Tel Aviv since 2012 under the name hub:raum. This gives us direct insight into the innovative ideas of start-ups. In return, we offer access to our technological expertise and our customers. We also provide support with company development. Experienced entrepreneurs and Deutsche Telekom experts act as mentors to the start-ups in a variety of programs. In addition, hub:raum also provides selected start-ups seed funding of up to 300,000 euros. We made six investments in start-up companies in the reporting period. Interested start-ups can go to the hub:raum website and apply for collaboration or seed funding. Since April, hub:raum has been collaborating intensively with Partnering and Business Development at Deutsche Telekom, which is responsible for business collaborations. We also promote lots of new ideas for more sustainability with hub:raum.

Our contribution to the SDGs

hub.raum program for lightning-fast data transmission with 5G
The up-and-coming 5G mobile communications standard promises to provide more than just faster Internet speeds. This technology is creating entirely new possibilities for many sectors. So-called low latency interactions are a significant advantage. They enable very fast data transmission times. This could facilitate the tasks of first responders at accident sites, for example, by allowing them to exchange real-time data with doctors in hospitals. In 2017 hub:raum started a prototype program to promote the development of such innovative 5G-capable use cases in Europe. Companies have been able to sign up as partners for this project since October 2017. hub:raum has also been supporting good ideas for the use of the new mobile communications standard with test environments in Cracow and Berlin.

App img in the gap: The eParkomat
In 2017 hub:raum invested in the eParkomat start-up company, which operates an app for digital parking space searches. Using an algorithm, the app calculates the number of available street parking spaces in real time. The app shows the empty parking spaces on a map and navigates the user directly to the respective space. The app also has benefits for the environment, since finding a parking space faster reduces the amount of CO2 emissions in cities. In 2017 eParkomat successfully completed a pilot project in Prague with more than 25,000 public parking spaces. Thanks to hub:raum's investment, the company is slated to expand to other cities in 2018.

Mobile cell phone repair with ReparandoYou need fast help if your cell phone or smartphone breaks down. Start-up company Reparando does the necessary repairs directly at their customers' home or office. Founded in mid-2015, the Stuttgart-based start-up already has 10,000 repair jobs under its belt and offers its services in 20 German cities. hub:raum has supported the company since 2017. Repair services such as those offered by Reparando extend the life cycle of smartphones, thereby helping save resources.

Start-up support for internal "founders"  Since 2011 we have been helping our employees develop their own concepts for new services and business areas at Deutsche Telekom within the context of the „UQBATE“ internal innovation program. Employees can present their ideas to interested colleagues on the UQBATE platform, create teams and then work together to gradually turn their ideas into products that are ready to go to market. 2017 was another year for exciting ideas. One of these ideas was BeOn Track, a particularly durable device for localizing people. BeOn Track does not use the GPS img signal to locate people, but rather a new technology with a much longer battery life. This device could be used to quickly track down missing dementia patients, for example. The tracking device can be installed in a necklace or armband and works for up to 10 years.