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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Digital inclusion of senior citizens and school children in Czech Republic

As part of our e-safety strategy, T-Mobile Czech Republic issued a brochure called “Safely on the Net” that will be distributed to our customers for free in the shops. The illustrated and lifestyle-like publication was written in cooperation with a specialist on e-safety. It is intended for all users of the internet but with the main focus on parents. It includes tips on avoiding risks when using computers, the internet, and social networks in particular.

The main part is dedicated to tips on how to protect children from potential abuse and the Školák (“Schoolchild”) package is a special offer for parents of schoolchildren. Independently of the child’s mobile credit, parents can purchase the package to keep an eye on their children’s movements, protect them against inappropriate content on the internet and keep track of their mobile credit. The package is linked to the “Surfie” application. This app is provided free of charge and makes it possible to track the location of children and restrict viewing of internet content.

The app is in the Czech language, works with iOS and Android operating systems, and includes three licenses. These can be used to protect three children or they can be installed on three different devices. The app requires internet access and the bundle therefore contains a 10 MB data allowance per month for the child. After the data allowance has been used up, the internet access speed slows down. However, children will still be able to use the app.

In the area of IT and e-safety, we held 4 seminars for senior citizens on “How to use mobile phones” and “Internet and apps” at the Centre for seniors in Prague. The seminars were run for 25 participants by T-Mobile employees.