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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Protection from cyber bullying

Our Computerhilfe Plus service offers reliable protection from cyber bullying and competent assistance in the event of libel on the Internet. Consumers, especially families with children, can get tips and instructions here about safe handling of data in social networks and messaging services.

If a customer is affected, Deutsche Telekom experts will help them delete insults, disreputable slander or other defamatory content on the Internet. This involves researching the appropriate contacts, initiating exchanges between the conflicting parties and compiling replies. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each case. In addition to a digital service, a service phone number (0800-330 1473) has also been set up where Deutsche Telekom experts provide assistance.

Since the introduction of Computerhilfe Plus, the need for security and support for digital topics has risen steadily. That's why the Digital Schutzpaket (Digital Protection Package) will replace Computerhilfe Plus in the spring of 2018. This package offers comprehensive preventive measures such as home network security and data backup. It also provides assistance in case of damage, such as financial losses due to online purchases, data retrieval or cyber bullying.