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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

IT drone defense shield

Drones can make many processes easier and more efficient – for example, in the film and surveying technology or logistics sectors. But the technical opportunities drones provide can also be misused for illegal and criminal objectives. Since the end of 2016, the Magenta Drone Shield has offered our customers an IT solution that protects them from the increasing danger of private drones. Business customers with critical infrastructures, data centers, stadiums, and authorities can secure their premises from remote controlled flying objects with the shield and thus defend themselves against espionage, smuggling and vandalism.

In order to develop the Magenta Drone Shield, we first intensively tested the worldwide leading systems for detecting and defending against drones. We then bundled the best technologies into an integrated offer together with our partner Dedrone. The Dedrone DroneTracker, which, as a special Telekom version, is part of the Magenta Drone Shield, detects drones with the help of various sensors such as video cameras, frequency scanners and microphones. We also help our customers fight the danger of drones with organizational measures and, if necessary, by implementing electronic countermeasures. The use of jamming must be approved by the necessary authorities.

Drone Detection Day 2017
At Drone Detection Day in June 2017 in the Hessian city of Langen, we pointed out the challenges of the ever-growing use of drones together with DFS, the German air traffic control service. The Magenta Drone Shield was also presented to the public. The shield reliably detected various types of drones, which simulated various danger scenarios, and issued warnings about them.