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Teachtoday – an initiative for safe, competent media use

Teachtoday ( supports children, young people, parents and grandparents as well as teachers by offering hands-on tips and material about safe and competent media usage.. Among other things, Teachtoday has developed a media obstacle course that is a fun way of learning about safe media use.

Our contribution to the SDGs

All information are available in German, English, Croatian, German, Montenegran, Polish, Romanian, and Hungarian. And on YouTube, Teachtoday can be enjoyed with its own channel, which provides short, catchy videos about safe, competent Internet use, data protection and the issue of being authentic on the Internet.

Student projects award at "Summit for Kids" At this year's event of Teachtoday "Summit for Kids" in November 2017, the six finalist teams of the competition "Medien, abersicher" (Media, of course) were in the focal point. They had previously qualified for the finale in a public online vote and then carried out a project under the heading "Do the media influence opinion?” The media scouts of the comprehensive school Heinrich-Heine-Gesamtschule in Duisburg landed first place with a project that addressed the structure, effects and dangers of chain letters. Media scouts are students who contribute to media competence among their fellow students. The children from Duisburg designed their own chain letter experiment in order to educate their fellow students on the subject.

Partner events: Touring the country to promote safe online behaviorWith their own event day at the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn (German History Museum), Teachtoday 2017 participated again in the Safer Internet Day. This time, the event took place under the motto "Be the change: unite for a better internet". In various workshops, more than 60 school kids learned how to use digital media safely and to form their own opinions and answers to problems. The workshops dealt with important aspects such as safety, data protection, duration of cell phone use or cyberbullying. All participants also went through the Teachtoday media obstacle course.

Safe online media usage was also the subject of the event day supported by Teachtoday for the pilot project FSJdigital of the German Red Cross. More than 200 children participated in this event in March of 2017 in Halle (Saale). The young schoolchildren had fun exploring safe media use at four stations of the Teachtoday media obstacle course. Among other things, the children learned how to create a strong password and how to protect their personal data. All stations were monitored by second year FSJdigital volunteers. In order to prepare the volunteers for the day, they were given special coaching by Teachtoday employees.

Moreover, Teachtoday was present at the German Youth Conference "Media 2017" in Rostock, where over 210 media scouts from all over Germany got together. Teachtoday was at the event with three different product options to show the media scouts how they can support elementary school students in the safe, competent use of digital media.

Award-winning initiative The Teachtoday initiative received a number of awards in 2017 once again. As in the previous year, Teachtoday received three Comenius EduMedia Seals presented by the scientific association Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information (GPI). The entire initiative was recognized in the "Didactic Multimedia Products" category, the obstacle course in the "Competence-Building Computer Games" category, and the Scroller magazine in the "General Multimedia Products" category.

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