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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Programs for young soccer talent

"Stollenhelden" (Soccer Heroes), Deutsche Telekom's soccer program for future stars, had evolved from the ANSTOSS! soccer initiative. With the election of the Stollenhelden (Soccer Heroes) 2017, we have ended the project in January of 2018 after four years. We continue to support the development of new soccer talent through the "New Sports Experience" program.

New Sports Experience
We run the "New Sports Experience" development program in collaboration with the National Paralympic Committee Germany and the National Soccer Association's Sepp Herberger Foundation. The "blind soccer" training unit gives teams with players 12 years and older an opportunity to experience something new and to learn how to play blind soccer. In the "blind stadium experience" students with and without visual impairments attend a German national league soccer game together, following the action by only hearing the live commentary. This experience promotes camaraderie among young people.