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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Employee relations at our national companies

What progress have our national companies been making in implementing our Employee Relations Policy? We determine such progress using special reviews. Two to three national companies are subject to such a review each year. They use the results of the review to further improve their relations with employees. The results also help us conduct a Group-wide assessment of employer/employee relations and any human rights risks involved in our business activities.

In 2017 we conducted reviews at T-Systems Netherlands and IT Services Hungary, a subsidiary of T-Systems International. We publish the results on our website.

Extensive discussions with management and numerous employees of T-Systems Netherlands showed that all elements of the ER policy introduced in 2011 had been successfully implemented. The employees proved to be very satisfied with their employer and praised both cooperation within their team and with management. The respondents suggested additional measures regarding communication of the complaints procedure, the ER policy, and the Guiding Principles as part of the ER policy. For example, they recommended that these topics be communicated even more intensively at events such as the Guiding Principles Day.

At IT Services Hungary (ITSH), the key elements of the policy have been successfully integrated into day to day business, and employees are familiar with these elements. Management has also focused in particular on reconciling work and family life, among other things, due to the large amount of young employees. A Working from Home policy was introduced in 2014. During the 2017 review process, the respondents indicated they would like additional options for flexible working schedules, such as tandem or part-time work. In 2017 ITSH was selected by the global service company Aon as the company with the best employee program and the most dedicated employees in Hungary. This award is given to companies that are particularly attractive employers.